To Expose or Not To Expose?

Whenever I find someone stealing - er, plagiarising - my work, I usually just deal with it by contacting the offending individual. If I'm unable to contact this person directly, I try to go to someone else who may have higher authority.

But, in all the cases that I've caught over the last few years (especially the last year or so), I've kept quiet. I never blogged about these people, mostly because:

1) I don't really like to create too much fuss and drama, even if I do get upset about such things;

2) Many of them do apologise and make the necessary ammendments; and

3) I don't really wish to direct more traffic to these people by linking to them or mentioning their names. I'd rather that they just disappear in cyberspace - especially the unapologetic ones.

But, there's one particular copyright infringement incident that irks me up until now. Well, there are a few unresolved ones, but this one has a way of haunting me over and over because I keep encountering this person's name in the blogosphere.

You see, at this time, some people consider this person as an "expert" in the blogging field. And, that makes my stomach turn a bit.

And, why not? This person "lifted" at least 1-2 articles (that I'm aware of), then repackaged it as "his" without giving me any attribution or credit. When I contacted him, he seemed sorry --- sorry that he did it or sorry that he got caught, who knows? But, at least, he offered a public apology and even called me a 'mentor'. However, he decided to delete my comments (and that of another blogger) about the issue. And, he refused to acknowledge that he did, in fact, delete our comments.

So, inevitably, I've lost respect for this person. But, obviously he's still "out there". Granted, maybe he does have good, original things to say. And, I suppose, we all make mistakes somehow, but then... Hmmm...

Anyway, enough of that. I guess, the point of this blog entry is to post the question:

If YOU get plagiarised, will you expose the person/s concerned? Why or why not?

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