War of The Blog Systems

Duncan, a fellow Guest Blogger over at Problogger.net posted an entry about the long-running debate of WordPress vs. Movable Type. With over 50 comments from readers, he came up with the "analysis", that most Problogger.net readers prefer WordPress over Movable Type. I wonder if this is representative of the blogosphere?

ShaiCoggins.com actually has been forever moving from different blogging systems the past few years. I first used a journalling script ages ago, then moved to Greymatter before finding Movable Type. I loved MT and never thought I'd ever leave. But, in May 2004, I parted with MT and joined The Great WordPress Migration. Like many who found WP, I fell in love with it. But then, in March 2005, I moved to Expression Engine.

But, I haven't really left MT and WP. I still run a private blog on MT and I run eWriteLife.com on WordPress. On top of this, I've got my podcast and a linkblog on Blogger.com, my creativity blog and video blog on pMachine, and my blogging network on Nucleus.

And, I've got weblog accounts (I don't really update these that much) on Multiply, Friendster, LiveJournal, ModBlog, Xanga, MindSay, Yahoo 360, MSN, and a couple of others. I've also experimented with Drupal (which I also love), PHP Blog, Web Crimson, and Mambo (looked really cool, but haven't had much time with it yet).

No wonder I seem "confused". 🙂

But, the thing is, as the Guide to About.com's Web Logs site and as a blogging consultant, I do need to learn as many blogging systems as I possibly can. I can't very well say that a certain blogging platform or system is better than another if I haven't tried it myself. So yeah, as a professional blogger in every sense of the term, I have to be 'tuned in' to different blogging systems. And, one way to do this is to keep using them, at least to a certain level.

Of course, I have some personal favourites --- but it's all based on function. It really depends on how you want your blog to be. Do you need integrated ecommerce functions? Do you want powerful image galleries? Do you wish to be able to develop community features?

Anyway, what about you? What's your favourite blogging system and why do you like it?

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