Performance Issues

Er... before anyone starts blushing or screaming here - let me say that this is definitely a GP-rated blog entry, so... relax. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This topic came to mind because I suddenly had a quick case of blogger's block in this particular weblog. Why?

Well, because I keep wanting to write something good. You know, quotable and linkable stuff. I'm 'vain' this way - especially whenever I see blog entries like this and this getting linked and quoted elsewhere. So, I sometimes worry too much about 'quality' --- and get behind on the quantity of my blogging.

But then, what is more important? To blog more or to blog better?

Of course, in an ideal world, the combination of both quality and quantity is best. But, how many of us can live in that ideal world anyway?

And, apart from the quality issues, I also fret at times that if I blog more often, less people will read what I write. You know, things getting pushed further and further down the main page... And, how good is a written word if no one ever reads it?

I know this latter issue doesn't bother many popular blogs, as they yank out 5, 10... or even 20+ blog entries in one day. They have enough traffic and subscribers to let them know that their audience is definitely there --- reading what they have to say. And, apart from my blog site at About.com - I can't boast of that much traffic and subscribers in my others blogs just yet.

But then, on the flip side of this issue, some people argue that sometimes, the more you blog, the more you get an audience. So, what then?

I guess, bottomline is: Everyone will eventually find their own blogging rhythms. And, even though I've been blogging for much longer than the word 'blog' has been conjured, I'm still trying to get to know my own rhythm.

What about you? What's your blogging ryhthm? Do you blog once a day, once a week...? Do you have a schedule or do you just blog whenever you get the chance? Do you have blogging goals? And, do you get "performance issues" in terms of quantity vs. quality?

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