Fave Blogs and Sites: Ask Me Anything Part 2

Ask Me Anything ProjectHere's the continuation of this experiment. Again, the Qs are from the great FMF.

6. What are your favorite blogs?

I'm in massive trouble here because I'm actually subscribed to hundreds of blogs (including FMF's!). These are some of my "faves" out of the thousands of blogs I read and find (especially thanks to my work at About.com).

Anyway, if I'm in a bit of a rush and don't have the time to check out all my feeds, some of the blogs that I try to make time to check as often as I can (in no particular order, starting with "work-related" blogs): ProBlogger, The Blog Herald, BloggersBlog.com, and To-Done.

I also try to stay in touch with the blogs of and by blog networks like 9Rules, Weblog Empire, Weblogs, Inc., Creative-Weblogging, etc. As well as other blogs of blog-related services like Feedburner, Technorati, Bloglines, MT, WP, etc.

On a more personal level, some of my online and/or "real life" blog buddies include: AnP, Aileen, Christine, Heather, Karen, Lei, and Jean, among many others (including those who don't wish to be linked like bea, connie, cyn, etc.).

For some inspiration, I like visiting blogs by Debbie Ohi, Keri Smith, and Ali Edwards, etc.

Oh, and of course, I love reading all the blogs in the AboutWeblogs.com Network.

If you want a longer list of my "recommended blogs" --- check out my very own "Best Blogs Directory" --- especially this one. I update this section of my blog site regularly.

7. What are your favorite websites?

About.com is #1, of course. 😀 And, I'm not just brown-nosing. I love the depth and breadth of the network. I like the About community of Guides, Staff, visitors and members. I know there are negatives too (I read enough on other people's blogs/sites)... but, even if About isn't a client, I'd still be using the site a lot.

I also read some news and technology blogs and sites like the BBC, CNN, Guardian, Wired News, etc., as well as blogs/sites that are related to my interests. As you can see, I practically live online.

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