Good Bloggers Down Under: Ask Me Anything Part 3

Ask Me Anything ProjectFMF asks: 8. Why are so many good bloggers from/living in Australia?

Haven't you heard? Eucalyptus is good for blogging.

Or... maybe it's all the koalas and kangaroos telling bloggers 'down under' how to blog? ๐Ÿ˜‰

OK. Kidding aside, I'm not exactly sure how to answer this. I tend to forget about nationalities, race, citizenship, location, etc. when I'm online. Of course, my eyes do light up a bit, when references to things that're familiar to me come up in what I read. But then, that's probably just human nature for you. We gravitate towards "like-minded" individuals... and we hold on to things that resonate within us.

While I do enjoy reading weblogs written by other Oz-based bloggers --- and there are plenty of good ones --- I believe that good bloggers come in all shapes, sizes, colours and forms... and live in all sorts of wild and wonderful places.

That's one great thing about the web: It opened the rest of the world to all of us. (That's why I find it strange and funny every time I read the term "foreigners" when referring to someone online.)

In any case, I'm sure Aussie/Oz-based bloggers will love you, FMF, for asking this question. ๐Ÿ™‚

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