Meet My First Troll

UPDATE (21/4/06): Please read On Identity Theft and Trolls

Oooh. Ooh. Let me just introduce you to this creature called Sunny Stewart. He/she/it's my first ever troll! Goodie! 'Feels like I've finally "arrived" in the blogosphere.

The troll left this comment:

Um, no offense, but I don’t think nobody really cares about your blog or your mediocre podcasting. I suggest you find other things to do than waste space on the world wide web. Besides your picture is the ugliest I’ve ever seen. Stop pretending as if you’re smart.

No, no... none taken, Sunny. This is fun! You see, when I don't care about someone's blog or podcast, I just don't bother leaving a comment. I go ahead and move on to the next one. Leaving comments take time, you see. And, time is precious.

So, thanks for sparing me some of that precious time. Not just to leave me a comment - but to check my stuff out, download my podcast, and listen to it? Wow. That's something. You see, if I don't care about something or someone, I just don't care. Full stop.

Well, I'm assuming, of course, that your critique of my work is based on actually checking my stuff out - and not just based on the ugliest picture you've ever seen. 🙂

I took the liberty to do a Google search since you didn't leave an address for me to come and pay you a visit. Since we're on the subject of pictures, is this yours? If that's not you, then my apologies - to the Sunny Stewart mentioned in this site anyway, not the troll. Trolls don't need apologies, right?

Oh, and just for the record: How does anyone pretend to be smart online anyway? I thought it's easy to spot people who aren't too smart in the online environment, especially when they start writing sentences or phrases like, "...I don’t think nobody really cares..."

Oops. Excuse me. That's the psycholinguist coming out.

Anyway, in defense of my good readers, I don't think they'd appreciate you calling them nobodies. And, I'm sure my husband won't appreciate you calling his wife ugly. Or at least, he better be... %-P And, may I say that he's six-feet-three, strong, sporty... and English. Brits are good at kicking butts, I tell 'ya.

In any case, thanks for the chuckle.

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