Smoking Tongue: Can You Get More Niche Than Blogging About Hot Sauces?

On the 19th of July 2005, Smoking Tongue wrote in his first ever blog entry:

I hope I get to write here for over a year before anyone finds it. This way, I can just write about what I want, the way I want, and not worry about what anyone thinks.

Oops. Too late. You've linked, you've commented, and now you've been blogged.

Smoking Tongue, or ST from hereon, is a newcomer in the world of web logs. He's male, in his late 20s, and apparently living in Missouri (side note: I can never say this properly - I always sound like I'm calling it 'misery'. Ack. Me and my silly diction and accent! :-p).

Anyway, our dear ST has a strong affinity for hot sauces. Hence, the blog. And nope, I don't mean him just naming his blog as such. He's actually blogging anything and everything that has to do with hot sauces. And, at the moment (and he says he doesn't have any plans to change), he's got "no ulterior motives" (read: no affiliate links, no products to sell, etc.). Talk about niche blogging!

I love hot and spicy food... In fact, I eat raw chillis! But, I would've never thought of blogging about them. ST obviously thinks there's more to hot sauces than meets the tongue (Ack. bad, bad, Shai.). And, he's not alone!

The first time I've heard of ST is through this blog entry, where he left a comment. He said he found my blog through BlogClicker. And, when he participated in this project, of course I had to do good on my word. So I visited his blog.

What I found apart from the interesting spin on niche blogging: A blogger whose words can be quite as hot as the things he writes about (translation/warning straight from ST: he ... "like(s) to f*****g swear, sometimes."). Okay.

What I Really, Really Liked in ST's Blog: He's funny. I don't know if he means to be funny. In any case, I found some of his entries hilarious. I'm not sure if I can read about hot sauces all the time, but some of ST's stories about his hot sauce adventures are worth reading. So, who knows? Even though he may have been "dragged" in to blogging by some unknown forces, he just might be on to something. Maybe.

And, of course, I'm bound to give ST an extra hat tip for saying he likes my podcasting voice (and he hopes that I'd podcast more). Hmmm... sorry, I'm vain this way. Haha.

Well, anyway, thanks for reading and participating, ST!

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