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Without any disrespect, I have to say that I don't take Jack of All Blogs very seriously. After all, most of liberalcowboy's posts are strange - bordering on the offensive (if you take him too seriously). So as not to get too bothered by some of his posts, I've put in the not-too-serious sign up when I visit his blog. 🙂

But then, I'm linking him twice in a row, so I guess, there is something there amidst all the poking, tugging and pulling. I'm particularly struck by this statement:

It’s almost certain that 80% of your blogging posts are going to be absolutely meaningless. Just like this one. But you have to have them. Otherwise people quit visiting, and if they quit visiting than the 20% of your posts that do matter, don’t matter anymore. Without visitors the 20% of your posts are worthless.

As someone who's more concerned about creating posts that I'm happy with rather than just posting anything and everything (er, quality over quantity?!), I do wonder if I am hurting my blogging life for not posting more.

Do readers really visit blogs that are updated more often? Or, are they happy to visit blogs just whenever?

Is it true that quantity will eventually yield in quality in blogging? I know that in art and writing exercises, this is something I've been told many times over. Maybe it does transfer to the practice of blogging too.

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