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A few months ago, some of the gals over at AW and I have chatted about creating a group blog about empowering mothers. It's about no tut-tutting each other when it comes to our decisions as mums. After all, we already receive a lot of such things from different people in society: pro-breastfeeding vs pro-bottlefeeding, pro-co-sleeping vs pro-separate rooms, pro-SAHMs vs pro-WAHMs vs pro-career moms, etc.

We want to say, "Enough of the vs. already!" We're not fighting each other. We know we all make our decisions out of necessity, out of love, and out of our personal beliefs and understanding.

And, we also know that we needed something where we can share about the different aspects of motherhood that focuses not on the kids, but on the mums. That's how eMothersOnline.com came to life.

We're pretty excited about it because we want to spread the message about empowering mothers to go with their instinct, to trust their innate love for their child... To pursue their passions and to follow their dreams.

To say it's all okay, we're in this together. We support each other, even if we don't always agree with one another.

Ultimately we want the same thing: To be the best mothers that we can possibly be, without losing ourselves. 🙂

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