The Boy’s Faves and Time Management for Working Mums: A.M.E.

Cam's 2nd Birthday Collage

Ask Me Anything ProjectAs part of a tribute to my son's 2nd birthday, I'm answering two questions related to my boy based on this project (Ask Me Anything).

Question 1 (from FMF): What’s your son’s favorite pasttime?

Playing is probably his favourite pasttime. Particularly, playing with cars and balls. For his birthday, we bought him a cool motorised go cart. He still has a lot to learn when it comes to driving it around (without smashing in to everything), but he's loving it anyway.

Oh, and yes, he loves building (er, destroying?!) blocks, going out, socialising, and watching TV/videos. When it comes to TV/videos, some of his faves include: Pingu, Peppa Pig, Hi-5, Thomas The Tank Engine, The Hooley Dooleys and The Wiggles.

Question 2 (from Hsien Hsien Lei): How do you manage to get your work done with a toddler around?

First of all, I do believe that I'm blessed with a child who's happy and generally independent. Like most kids, he's a lot of work. But, he's been good to me and has given me plenty of opportunities to work whilst taking care of him. Second, I'm also blessed with a husband who supports me with the things I do. I can tell him if I need more time to work, so that he can pitch in with taking care of the baby, doing housework, etc.

Yes, I'm very grateful to have such blessings.

When I can get away with work (while baby's playing or occupied with other things, sleeping, or spending time with his dad, etc.), I do my best to prioritise my tasks. Gone are the days when I just surf the 'net aimlessly, for example. I usually keep a folder full of ideas and try to keep lists that will help guide my working hours. I find that if I have these things (To Do Lists, Idea Files, etc.), I can easily refer to them and avoid procrastinating.

Basic rule: Maximise available time and avoid time wasters.

Of course. I must confess that I'm not the most organised person in the world. But, I'm very focused and dedicated with the things that I do. If I want to do something - be it work or something I simply enjoy - I try my best to MAKE the time for such.

Oh, and it probably helps that I haven't got a very busy social life. 😉

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