How To Tell a Story on TV

Today, I met up with a TV producer from a popular Australian broadcasting company. She emailed me some time last week, asking to meet up. She said that she saw my feature on The Advertiser and she thought that I'd make a good subject for a TV magazine show that they have. Out of curiousity, I agreed to have a chat.

So, she came over to my house this afternoon to talk to me about her idea. We chatted. She took some notes and photos. And, she explained the whole process of filming and production.

Apparently, the programme is shown primarily overseas - in the Asia Pacific region, in particular. It may or may not be shown locally, depending on programming and such. In any case, she said that she'd get back to me on the possible dates of TV crew coming in to film.

Before we parted ways, she left me with a few things to think about. One primary thing that got stuck in my head is her suggestion to try and think of "My Story" (with a specific angle) in advance. She said that while she would ask me questions during filming, she wants me to be aware of the story that I actually wanted to tell.

Now, I have to admit that that idea freaks me out. I mean, how do you tell a personal story on film? It's one thing to create stories (a'la FreshWave.TV) - and another thing to tell my own. Something that will reveal bits and pieces of my life, my world --- knowing full well that it will be broadcasted to who knows how many people.

Sure, I can talk about me when I write. It's a bit easier for me to deal with this. Telling my story in textual format comes almost naturally to me.

But, I find that talking to people, especially face-to-face, is a different matter. I don't deliberately avoid talking about myself --- I do disclose if/when given the chance (this is easiest when people ask me the right questions). But, volunteering information about me isn't always easy. Not unless I feel as though I'm really comfortable with that person.

So yeah, the idea of rambling on about me in front of a camera with 2-3 strangers may just feel a teeny bit weird. Er, who am I kidding? It'll probably feel really weird.

Now, if only I can figure out what "My Story" really is all about.

Hmmm... maybe I should re-launch the Ask Me Anything mini project as a way to guide me in my thinking process.

What about you? Do you know what your story is all about? If you were given the opportunity to tell it on TV, what would your story be like?

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