On Wild Ideas and Self Acceptance

One thing that I found interesting with the comments that I've received on my post, Wild Thing, is how many people actually shared the same sentiment of self acceptance.

That it's okay to be square. That embracing one's personality is the best thing to do. That life is about seeing the goodness in one's self.

And, I fully agree. As I said, I generally think that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with being wholesome... nice... good... I have no intentions of "going wild" all of a sudden. ๐Ÿ™‚

And yes, it's true that the concept of "wild" will be different from one person to another. For example, getting an extra ear pierce for me will be considered wild and daring. But, I know some people will think nothing of this fashion statement.

Anyway, I guess I was just wondering how many "wild ideas" I'd manage to generate from readers and visitors. Just to see if I can dare myself to do any of them - just for fun. Nothing extreme, of course.

In any case, so far, here are some of the wild ideas that I've received (on and offline):

  • Posing Nude - from Sasha - This suggestion from my sis must've come from my interest in figure drawing. Thing is, I'd really much rather draw and paint nude models than join their ranks. Not necessarily because I'm being a prude. I just don't think I'd make a good model. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Body Piercing - from Sasha (again) - Not a bad idea. But, apart from possibly getting an extra ear pierce, I really have no interest in getting any other body parts pierced.
  • Getting a Tattoo - from dexie (and other people I know) - As I said, the thought of the pain I have to go through to get this done just turns me off. But, I must say, I'm probably not going to discount it altogether. I'm considering a tatoo just above the right ankle. Hmmm.
  • Going to a Gay Bar with Friends - again, from dexie - I've never been in a gay bar. I can't say that I've ever been interested. But, maybe I'll go just out of curiousity one day. Hehe.
  • Chateauing - from MCtrlSys - 'just absolutely adore the name. And, while I've never tried it myself, it's definitely MY kind of wild thing. I'd love to do it one day. Thanks for sharing.
  • Pole Dancing - It's crazy, I know. But, because I love dancing, the idea doesn't totally repel me. But, it'll take PLENTY of guts for me to even give it a go, I tell 'ya.
  • Blondie!

  • Tell Someone a Secret That No One Else Knows - Aaaahhh... Scary stuff!

Oh, and writing of wild things... Well, in one of my latest "wild escapades", I ended up in a blonde wig during a Bjorn Again concert. I named that persona, Ikea (after you-know-what). And, I couldn't believe the kind of stir that I created that evening. Embarrassing, but I had a good laugh anyway. And, yeah, I kept it up for more than two hours even though I could feel my insides turning all over the place the whole time. Then, when my husband and I went in to a Chinese restaurant for a late after-concert dinner, I took the wig off. The comments I received as I revealed my black locks were just hilarious.

So, there you go. I do have a wild side. Sometimes.

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