The Big Orange Monster

Big Orange MonsterOne great thing about having a two-year-old is that I have the perfect excuse to watch stuff on Nick Jr. It is always a joy to find nuggets of treasures behind some of these kids' shows.

One particular "find" came as an a-ha moment for me last night while my boy was watching this 10-minute segment about a character that was on his way home from somewhere.

While on this hero's journey, the character kept meeting friends who warned him not to go past a certain place (tall green grass, fence, etc.), as there was something big and scary out there. No one can tell him exactly what that big and scary thing was, but everyone else thought it was scary enough not to want to find out.

Every time he'd encounter a friend who tried to stop him, his standard answer went something along the lines of, "It might be a big and scary thing past the fence/grass/etc., but I still have to go there because that's the only way to get to my house."

The closer he got to the house, the scarier the descriptions of "the big orange monster" seemed to be. But, the brave little hero never faltered. He knew that that was the only way to his destination, so he kept on going anyway - even if he had to face the monster.

Finally, he saw a glimpse of the orange creature. He faltered for a bit. But, decided to overcome his fear and faced it. It turned out that "the big orange monster" was just a balloon with a silly face drawn on it. So, he took the balloon and named it. Then, he went home to show "the big orange monster" and to tell the story of his scary adventure with his dad.

I've seen that segment about a hundred times. But, it was only last night that something "clicked".

You see, often, we are faced with such decisions in life --- where people, circumstances, our own doubts, and such tell us "not to go past a certain place" because something big and scary is out there. We don't know what it is, but it's terrifying nevertheless. And, often, we take heed and head the other way. It is very rare to face up to the challenge and say, "I'm going there anyway because that's the only way I can get to where I want to go."

It takes vision and resilience to know where we're going --- and to head that way, even if we face several things that tell us otherwise.

So, what's your Big Orange Monster like? And, what will it take for you to face it no matter what?

Can you just imagine what it would be like to find a fun balloon instead of a monster at the end of it?

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