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Reader's Digest - July 2006 CoverAs a young writer, I've dreamt a lot about seeing my name in print on Reader's Digest. Sounds like a silly fantasy, I know. But, now at 32, I'm happy to see this little dream come true. Well, it's not quite how I imagined it to be. But, it's almost just as good as my childhood fantasies.

Yes, even before The Sydney Morning Herald and The Advertiser, there was the Australian Reader's Digest.

Last February 2006, I received an email for an interview request from Louise Waterson. She wanted to talk to me about making money from weblogs. I obliged. Then, there were a flurry of emails and even a phone call with an editor from RD.

Today, I received a copy of the Diamond Anniversary Special of the Australian Reader's Digest (July 2006 issue) by post. Just like the ARD staff promised. In my book, this earns ARD extra brownie points, as I've encountered some journalists who would not do this for their sources. Yes, even if they promised to do so.

Reader's Digest - July 2006 Feature Anyway, the interview is now in the form of an article, "Your hobby + a computer = extra money" by Louise Waterson. It profiles various individuals who turned their hobbies and passions in to money-making businesses online. It's a nice story, so I hope you get the chance to read it (even if you skip the bit about me ;-)).

On the bit about blogging for dollars --- The focus is primarily on my writing blog, eWriteLife.com. It's probably my first ever blog-for-profit venture. The story of AboutWeblogs.com and b5media.com were also mentioned. But, as I pointed out over at b5, we've now grown from 50+ bloggers to 70+ bloggers since the interview. The topic coverage of the network also grew.

In any case, if you got to this blog after you read the Reader's Digest article, I'd like to say hello and welcome. Thanks for taking the time to visit. Do say hello by leaving a comment or sending an email. And, I hope that this won't be your last visit here.

If you want to learn more about blogging, please check out my blog site at About.com on Web Logs. I have several resources there for beginners to the world of blogging. Also, I'm in the process of re-launching my blog on making money online. So, if you're interested in that topic, do stay tuned for updates.

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