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A few months ago, I was included in liberalcowboy's controversial 10 Most Powerful Women in Blogging list. When I first heard about it, I really didn't take it seriously. But, for some reason, that list has been quoted over and over since it was published.

Then, I found out that I made it to Duncan's list of 10 people he'd choose to be stuck in a desert island with. Of course, it's just another fun little list. I'm only one of two females to be included. Heh. I was touched by what he wrote (thanks, Dunc!):

"Shai gave b5media it’s female grounding that took us from a basic blog network to what we are today (20 million odd page views a month, with some $30k turnover). [snip] Her people skills are second to none (I often think she’s the most loved person in b5media) and she’d be an asset on any desert island."

Oh, and to respond to Duncan's note: No, I don't hate Duncan at all. Sure, we may not see things the same way a lot of the time. But, I do respect what he's done - and still doing - in the world of weblogs. Especially over at b5media, where he is one of my esteemed business partners.

Anyway, the latest list I've found myself in is Stephen's Top Women on the Internet list. Nope, I didn't quite make it to the first ten. But then, the first ten seems to be mostly women who're in to web development/coding/etc. Anyway, although I felt flattered to be in a total stranger's "top list" of anything, what interested me the most is what Stephen wrote:

"Shai Coggins… always has something interesting to read. And is Australian. She reminds me of what I got into this for. Don’t ask how..."

Well, you can imagine now that I DO want to ask how - and why.

Oh, and yeah, it looks like Stephen's also from Adelaide. Hmmm... getting to know some of my fellow Adelaide-based bloggers just makes me think about organising a meet-up of some sort. I wonder if I can pull that off? But, I digress.

In any case, I just want to say thanks to you guys who added me to your special lists. Serious or not, I really do appreciate it. 🙂

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Shai has been managing and blogging here at ShaiCoggins.com for 17 years. Here, she writes about creativity, productivity, and how to recharge for a better, happier lifestyle. She is the author of Today: Life Journal, Colour Bliss: Kaleidoscopes, and a little known children's book. A serial entrepreneur, Shai also currently runs Vervely.com, a boutique digital media agency offering online content, community, and conversion marketing services. Her blogging experience and digital work have been featured in various media, including being listed in Fast Company's "Most Influential Women in Technology" list. Originally from Manila, Shai lived in Singapore and the USA before moving to Australia with her British husband. They have two children, a pet bunny, and a rambunctious rescue Labrador.

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