2006 Personal Highlights

2006 is probably one of the biggest years in my life. It passed me by with a whirlwind of milestones and major events. No wonder I was exhausted by the end of it. But, I can't complain. It has been mostly wonderful and exciting ---

A year of travel; multi-million dollar deals for a business I co-own and now a Vice President of; media blitzes in Australia and overseas; major life changes like house buying, selling and moving; personal milestones like getting my driver's license for the first time ever, career developments and leaving a beloved job; new additions to the family in the form of a puppy --- and finding out I was pregnant with a second child; Seeing family members whom we haven't seen in years and meeting one particular member for the first time... Developing friendships and working relationships... Meeting new, incredible people...

I am just amazed at how much a year can bring. How a series of little events can change a life. Nothing can ever be taken for granted.

Anyway, here are some of the highlights from my year...

January 2006

First Family Photo for 2006Celebrated New Year's Eve with Jem and Cam at Adelaide's Victoria Square. We had dinner in China Town, then watched the fireworks in the city centre.

My sister came to visit for the second time to spend another 3 months in Adelaide.

My boy turned two!

February 2006

Basic Figure Drawing Class 2: #3Attended the Adelaide Fringe Festival opening for the first time.

Started attending Basic Figure Drawing Classes at a local art school. It finished late March.

Hubby celebrated his birthday.

March 2006Cascade Brewery

Travelled to Hobart, Tasmania for the first time. Enjoyed a lovely trip there with my husband and son.

b5media's feature at The Sydney Morning Herald. This attracted more media blitz.

April 2006

The Advertiser FeatureTurned 32! With various interesting happenings.

Finally became a licensed driver!

One of my biggest media feature to date: Appearing in Adelaide's main newspaper - The Advertiser.

Got my first iPod.

May 2006

Becoming a PART Trainer.

June 2006Blue in Bed

Another big media feature: a write-up published in Reader's Digest (Australia).

A new addition to the family: Blue, our lovely Cavoodle puppy. Born (approximately) last 6th of May 2006.

It was World Cup Season. And, the Socceroos did really well.

Started attending pole dancing classes. Heh. I only managed to attend a few classes, thanks to a major event that happened a month or so later.

July 2006

Meet Ashton, My GuitarStarted experimenting with learning how to play the guitar. Ashton came in to my life.

The process of selling our house began! What an ordeal. It was also the time we started the process of buying a new house.

The month when I first started experimenting with drinking wine, thanks to some friendly colleagues. Fun times. Heh.

August 2006

The month I found out I was pregnant with Baby #2. And, ended up really sick for a few months. Ugh. Official announcement came a few months later.

Celebrated my first year in my job at a non-profit organisation, where I work part-time as a psych. A personal milestone.

September 2006

Finally sold our house. And, bought a new one. Yep, the move begins!

Got mentioned in Business World (Philippines).

October 2006

Egmont-FrontOne of the biggest events of the year: b5media gets US$2M funding. What an incredible time.

After almost three years of being the Guide to About's Web Logs site, I resigned.

Moved to the new house on the 25th of October and left the house we built. Bittersweet moment.

Also discovered Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT) --- and really enjoyed it.

November 2006

Met up with a journalist from ABS-CBN Australia, Michelle Baltazar (who's also editor-in-chief of the magazine Australian Filipina). She did an "on cam" interview with me, and she said it was meant to be shown some time within the month via ABS-CBN through The Filipino Channel (TFC). The main feature was about blogging and making money online. She was planning on doing a side feature about meeting a soul mate online. Not sure if the interview/s ever went on air. She said it was meant to be shown on TFC in various countries.

December 2006

Decorating Christmas Tree 2006Meeting up with family (husband's side) and celebrating the holidays with them.

Australia wins back the Ashes from England.

Now, here's to looking forward to whatever 2007 may bring!

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