Randomness List: Geeky Girl Thoughts

I love lists. Sometimes, creating a list is the only way I can organise my thoughts. So, here's another list from me:

1) Really liking Skype more and more. Not that I use it that much. But, I'm finding it quite useful. So, I've upgraded to the latest version, bought some Skype credit, played with an avatar, and I'm even seriously considering buying a wireless VOIP Skype-certified phone.

2) I've also tested HotRecorder 4Voip for Skype today for the first time, using the free version. The free version only records about 2 minutes' worth of call. But, I quite liked the quality of the recording - PLUS I think the AudioConverter tool was quite useful - so, I decided to upgrade to the premium version. After all, it was only US$14.95. Worth the price, I believe, if I end up using it more. Well, it should help me podcast more. 🙂

3) I'm getting really frustrated with Expression Engine's trackback management. It's seriously making me re-think my choice of blogging software. I mean, I like EE in general. But, there are a few "down sides" to using something that's not as popular as WordPress. And, one major drawback for me is the difficulty in managing trackbacks. Especially spam trackbacks. It almost makes me want to turn off trackbacks altogether. Or, change software.

4) Also thinking about purchasing a digital voice recorder. Not quite sure what to buy, though. So, I welcome any suggestions.

5) I've been lusting after Macs for a long time now. Lately, my lust is growing stronger because I've been seeing a few software products that I WANT and they only run on Macs. Agh. But, I don't think I can make that leap. I mean, it'll be such a tedious, expensive move, as I need at least 2 computers for my 'office' - a desktop and a laptop. Not to mention, buying other software that I'd need. Ahh...

6) Another gadget lust: a Tablet PC.

7) Other than these three web services that I've written about recently, I've also been trolling 30 Boxes lately. I like it a lot and its calendar and 'To Do' features are fun. But, I'm still not sure whether it's something I'd really use long-term.

8) Three video sites I've been checking out lately: Revver, Blip.TV, and Video Egg. I'll probably write more about them another time.

9) Thinking of a better alternative to Windows Movie Maker. Two other video editing software I own (but hadn't really used): ULead VideoCreator 8 and Roxio Easy Media Creator.

10) Desperately trying to get my desktop PC to load and work faster!

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