Baby Photos in Utero

Baby 2's 3d/4d Scan Collage

Ok. I don't really want to bore (or to creep out) anyone. But, since announcing it in November 2006, I haven't really talked about my pregnancy all that much in this blog. In fact, I haven't really talked about it all that much anywhere online. So, I hope you don't mind if I share this here. Being the semi-geek techie MUM that I am, I just get fascinated by these things. These - or rather, this - is about 3D/4D ultrasound imaging.

The photo collage you see here is the result of my recent trip to a local commercial ultrasound centre (called Fetal Fotos), where I ended up paying to see Baby #2 in a "high tech" fashion. I didn't do this when I was first pregnant, so I guess, I was just curious to see what it was like.

And, although the images were a bit blurry and distorted, I was still amazed at the whole thing. I mean, other than this type of ultrasound images:

Baby 2's 2nd Pic @ 20 weeks

We got a "real" view of the baby in utero --- chubby cheeks, big lips and all --- at 31 weeks. It was fascinating.

The place I went to actually offers 3 packages: Standard/Basic, Silver, and Gold. We paid for the silver one. Hubby and I thought that was good enough, as it already included 5 black and white thermal images, 3 coloured photos (2 full sized ones + 1 with 4 contact images), and a 15-minute DVD movie of the ultrasound. I was hoping to create a vlog/film clip of the two ultrasounds I had (the hospital one @ 19 weeks and this one). But, I couldn't get the video encoding right on the computer. I probably need a video encoder/file converter. Ah, well...

Anyway, I'm now about 32.5 weeks on the way. So yep, not really too long to go now. Then, I'll see the REAL baby. What an incredible thought.

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