Why Do You Blog?

When I saw that Anne of The Golden Pencil tagged me at eWriteLife.com for this meme, I knew I'd be unable to keep it out of my system until I respond to it. It's just one of those things that I feel I have to answer, although I seem to be answering this question over and over for a few years now.

I guess, one thing that makes me think about this is that it's so reminiscent of the question: "Why do you write?" And goodness knows how many times I've been trying to answer that too.

Anyway, here are my Top Reasons for Blogging:

I blog because...

1) ... it's a great way to connect and communicate. Although I first started to blog simply as a way to express myself and to keep my writing practice, I slowly found it a very handy tool for meeting friends and for professional networking. I wish I can say it's also a way for me to stay connected with friends and family who live in various parts of the world, but, other than my sister, I don't even know who else I know closely read my blog on a regular basis. I still get surprised when someone I know 'in real life' tells me, "Oh yeah, I read that on your blog...". Eh. Even my husband doesn't read my blog. Heh. %-P

2) ... it's a great memory tool. As I said before, I love being able to look back in my archives to see the marked changes in my life over the years. It never ceases to amaze me how blogging and journalling can capture certain details in life that I would've otherwise failed to remember.

3) ... it's a fantastic thinking tool. I like 'thinking out loud'. Sometimes, literally (as in, through talking)... but more often, in writing. So, there are times when I do use blogging as a way to bounce off ideas, to solicit feedback, to express emotions, etc.

4) ... it's a wonderful outlet - a place to play with gadgets, audio, video, photos... to share the mundane and to make it all special one way or the other. It's a place to explore different ways to do different things.

5) ... it's a passion - and a profession. Long before the idea of problogging became popular, I started using blogs as a way to earn a living. Although I didn't start out with blogging to make money or to build a business, it just sort of happened. I guess, partly because I've always believed that passion is always a great foundation for a profession. If you love what you do, and do what you love - the money will follow. It sounds a bit too simplistic and idealistic, I know. But, since it has worked for me so far, I think I'll stick to it. 🙂

And yeah... I blog because...

6) I can't NOT blog. Blogging has now become such a part of my system. I can't get enough of it. And, when I'm not blogging, I think about it. In fact, I always wish I can blog more. So yeah, even if I don't call blogging my life (who does?!), it's definitely very much a part of it.

What about you? Why do YOU blog?

I know I'm meant to tag people here so that this meme goes on. And normally, I would. But, this time, I like to keep this open and leave this up to you. If you haven't responded to this meme before and you'd like to - please do so. Then, leave a comment here and tell me all about it. I'm always curious to know why people blog too.

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