Big Week Ahead!

Yes, just less than a week to go from today. Just a few more days and I shall meet my new li'l one. Unbelievable.

My mum-in-law is actually flying in from South Africa this week, to help us out. We're really looking forward to her coming over to stay for 3+ weeks. We need all the help we can get. I mean, will you just look at the mess our house is in:

A Mess, A Mess!

Yes, we're in a bit of a tip at the moment - what with me still working from home full time and us trying to get things ready before the bub arrives --- Well, household chores aren't really on the top of my priority. My husband and I do them when we can. Or, when we absolutely have to. And, truth be told, my husband has been good at this because I really am not doing as much - with me being heavy, swollen, in pain, and all. Heh.

Other than organising home stuff, I've also been trying to organise my web work stuff. First off, I'm getting a temp blogger for Just Make Money Online since I know my blogging will be put in the backburner for a little while. I've also made some arrangements regarding some of my b5media work. And yes, I decided to start streamlining some of my projects, as part of my "Getting Organised and Becoming More Efficient" plans.

eWriteLife Webzine : Issue 1One of the things that I'm doing now is cutting down on my 'active projects'. eWriteLife.com, for example, had been pulled out of b5 and is now in 'archive mode'. Well, sort of. You can read more about it here and here. I've also officially retired Self Help Diva for now.

Yep - it's 'clean up' time. Not easy, but it needs to be done. Especially since I need to focus more on b5 --- and to make sure that I still have a life outside the web. And, of course, to enjoy being a mum the second time around.

Anyway, a few people have asked if I can do some kind of 'live' or quick update regarding the birth. Since I'm not sure how soon I can go back online after the delivery, I can't really say. But, I'll look in to it in any case. However, there will absolutely be NO live videoblogging from the delivery room! Heh.

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