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Backpack: Get Organized and CollaborateNow, more than ever, I need to make sure that my time and energies are well spent in all the right things. That's why I'm always on the lookout for tips and tools that will help me become more productive.

Right now, one of the things that I'm beginning to do more is to keep most things online. Email Clients, Calendars, To Do Lists, and even word processors, spreadsheets and image editors. Working with two machines at the moment (and with hopes of adding another one some day soon) - I find that it makes working life easier if I'm able to access work stuff anywhere, anytime. Of course, I still use a lot of desktop tools. But, I'm finding it more convenient, say, to open a Google Docs file than to launch my MS Word. Hmmm... this makes me wonder now if there's such a thing as a free web-based HTML editor equivalent to MS FrontPage...

Anyway, in my search of a good web-based organiser to replace my traditional work diary (yes, the kind that usually comes as a corporate holiday present) - I ended up rediscovering BackPack.

I've signed up for the free service ages ago. Tinkered with it for a bit, then forgot about it. Every now and then, I'll revisit my page when I encounter it in my bookmarks. But, I never really used it for real. Until, well, a couple of months ago. And, the more I used it, the more I liked it. When I explored other uses for Backpack, I decided to go for it and pay for a Basic Upgrade.

I do like it a lot. Especially since I'm a big list person. I love the ability to create different pages and organise my work in that way. I love being able to create writeboards (although Google Docs can also work for this purpose), email stuff to pages, and upload files related to a particular project.

For example, I created a page to organise a work-related event. There, I can compile all sorts of information that I need --- lists of things to do, brainstorming ideas, etc.

My biggest peeves with Backpack, however, are:

1) It looks like the service features are no longer being updated. No fixes, no new functions.

and, hence -

2) Some of its features are becoming outdated and useless. The calendar, for example. I don't see why Bacpack's calendar is only a paid feature. It's nothing special. In fact, it's not very functional. 30 Boxes' free calendar is even more useful. But, yeah, my online calendar of choice is actually Google's free calendar.

But, in spite of these peeves, I'm keen to keep using Backpack as a web-based organisational tool. Unless I find something better. (Maybe Google will release one some time?)

How do you get organised? What are your organisational tools of choice?

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