3 Things for 33

Cam's Birthday CakeYes folks, three weeks ago, I turned 33. And, somehow for the year, I ended up with 3 main goals that have become my daily driving force. To remind me - and to give me a sense of accountability - I'd like to share these three things right here:

1) Be more productive.

My hectic life has led me towards a strong pull towards productivity. I just want to get things done, eliminate non-necessities, streamline work... And somehow, I've also become obsessed with doing more of things. Not just more, but better.

Blogging more, blogging better... Creating more, creating better...

Just about the only thing I want to do less is housework. :-p

2) Get fit and healthy.

The day I went in to labour, one of the midwives asked me how heavy I was. I said I was 50 kgs. She then turned to me and asked, "Is that all?" Yep - that was how much I weighed with a 3.3 kg baby in my tummy. Pre-pregnancy, I weigh just around 45 kgs. and I'm pretty much back to that weight post-pregnancy. People call me tiny. All. The. Time. It drives me nuts sometimes. I mean, yes, I'm really happy that even after two kids, I can still fit in to my highschool uniform (not that I've tried them on!). And, I think that's why I've never really taken exercise and fitness seriously.

But, I must confess: my body's a wreck. I've got so many aches and pains (not just due to the c-section and all), you'd think I'm just about ready to fall in to pieces. And now, more than ever, I'm really feeling it. A bigger age number drives home the fact that my body's definitely getting older. Yes, even if my brain is refusing to get past the notion that I'm okay because everybody else thinks that I shouldn't worry about going to the gym (some people actually say to me that I'm just being vain for going because I don't need to lose any weight).

So yeah, I need exercise. I need a healthier diet. I need better practices and routines to help me become fitter. And, I really, really need to commit to this. In fact, my husband will probably say that while he believes that I can definitely deliver on #1 on this list - and have a very good chance at delivering on #3 - my biggest challenge is the delivery of #2.

3) Enjoy Life.

To me, it's about counting one's blessings... staying connected... finding time to relax and to have fun - to do things that one loves...

Sounds simple enough? Perhaps. But, for me, one of the challenges when it comes to working from home is getting that right balance. Often, one of the first things that go is my time to just chill out and do nothing (or to do something special).

For example, even if I love going to the salon to get some good old fashioned girl-pampering, I don't go --- until my hubby decides to book one for me for special occasions once or twice a year. Meeting people for drinks, lunches, etc also don't happen often enough. Other good things that get pushed aside include: art making, going for nice walks, and heartfelt personal journal writing, among others.

But then, I can't complain. When you love what you do for a living, it's easy to get caught up with work, productivity and such. When you're enamored with the people you live with, it's easy not to look further away for contact.

However, to me, life is meant to be --- more... different... special --- everyday. I guess, that's one of the reasons I keep making these lists. That, and simply because I can be such a sucker for patterns and lists.

"The number three seems to have a particular significance,
relevant in some strange ways
to the relationship between man and nature."

- Erno Rubik

Hmmm... just for the heck of it, even if you're not turning 33... why don't you come up with your own "3 Things List" and tell me all about it?

P.S. - That birthday cake isn't actually mine. It's a photo of one of my son's birthday cakes. I said one because he turned 3 this year and for some reason - ended up with 3 birthday parties.

P.S. II - I wrote the draft of this blog entry on paper. I almost didn't want to type the whole thing up and put the post here. Not sure why. Just one of those things that happens to me that's why I end up not blogging for long periods of time in the past. But, of course I want to change that. Anyway, this Flickr photo and post by someone really inspiring helped me changed my mind. That's where I got the quote from too.

Nope, I'm not putting a P.S. III. Well, I guess I just did. Bleh.

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