Off to New York and Toronto

New York CityYes, I am. Finally off to my first ever business trip for b5media.com. And, I was almost tempted to write "Start spreading the news..." at the start of this blog entry. Heh.

The plan for this trip actually started because of the Blog Bash. But, even though it has been cancelled, Jeremy (b5 CEO, not the hubby) and the others thought that it would still be good for me to fly to North America and finally meet the b5 team. Especially since I already missed out on the first two meetings.

The whole team won't be together in one go, though. I'd be meeting Darren (VP, Training & co-owner) and Chad (Sales Director) in New York City. Not sure who else would end up going there. I was hoping to meet CJ (Content Manager), Aaron (Technology Director), and Brian (our Code Ninja) - the other three U.S.-based folks from b5. But, we'll see. Might have to wait another time.

Anyway, I'll be in NYC for just over 2 days to attend Day Two of the Future of Online Advertising conference, where Darren's a speaker. Then, I'll be joining Darren and his legion of fans and friends during the Problogger meet-up (most likely, on the evening of June 9).

TorontoThen, on the 10th, I'll be flying to Toronto to meet the b5 crew in our company HQ. Other than Jeremy, I believe I'll be meeting Mark Evans (VP, Content). And, hopefully, other Toronto-based team members - Gary (Developer/Intern), Darcie (Office Manager); and maybe Sean (System Admin). I'll be in Toronto until the 15th of June. Then, I'll be off to Los Angeles to catch my flight back to Adelaide.

The thought of this trip is incredible. I mean, I've known of Jeremy and Darren online for over 3 years now. And, we've invested in to this venture together without ever having met in person. Then, the company grew in to what it is now --- about a dozen full time employees, 200+ blogs, 120+ bloggers. Still, no face-to-face meetings. So yeah, it'll be great to finally meet fellow b5ers at last.

And, well, of course it'll be fantastic to see New York City and Toronto too. Not that I'd get a lot of time sightseeing (I probably won't!). But, since I've never been to both cities before, it'll be great even if I just see it all in a blur.

If I weren't going on my own and leaving my family behind (especially my li'l one), I'd probably be over excited. I mean, yes, I'm absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity. But yeah, I'm not sure how I'd cope with the long flights and being away from home for over a week.

I'll let you know how it goes. And, if you have any tips and suggestions for this trip, I'd love to hear/read them.

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