5 Random Things List: Social Web Life

Check out my lens1) I recently checked out Squidoo and thought it was quite fun. That's why I whipped up some sample lenses just to check it out. It's meant to be a good way to drive some traffic to one's blog, find new readers, and get some Google juice. Not sure about that yet, but we'll see... I actually made a lens for my b5 blog on making money. And yes, a lens for this blog. Anyway, I wrote more about it on my make money online blog. Apparently, there are people earning cash from creating these web pages (aka lens). What about you? Do you Squidoo?

2) Thanks for the invite to meet-up in Toronto, Junnie and Robin. Hopefully, I will get the chance to meet you (and anyone else who'd like to say hi). We'll definitely talk more about this. And, thanks for all the well wishes and tips regarding my upcoming trip.

3) A few months ago, I found myself signing up for an account on Facebook. I've heard of it a long time ago, but since it wasn't really open to non-students that time, I didn't bother with it. When they opened up, I decided to check it out.

And now, I really like it. I don't use it that much but it's one social networking service that I actually have fun using. A lot of b5 folks are on it and we even have our own b5 bloggers group on Facebook. Recently, they added a Classifieds service and now they've got video too. Interesting times. Anyway, I put my badge on my sidebar some time ago but never mentioned it in a blog entry, I believe. So, I thought I'd say something now. 🙂 Oh, and, here's another sample badge -

4) Some time in January this year, I found out about Twitter and decided to sign up for it. I even added a Twitter badge here. But, after one month, I decided to remove the badge and delete my Twitter account, as part of my 'clean-up, get organised and be more productive' process. To Twitter or Not to Twitter? The last couple of months or so, I found more and more people beginning to Twitter. And, more people blogging about Twitter. I'm even finding Twitterfied blog entries on WP blogs via Twitter Tools. So, I gave in and signed up again yesterday. My dashboard said: "Welcome back, Shai!" Frankly, I'm still not quite sure yet if I'm going to use it. But, I guess it doesn't hurt to keep that option open. :-p If you want to check it out, here I am on Twitter.

5) I've signed on Meetup.com years ago, back when handling active groups was still free. I joined a handful of local groups but never got around to showing up on meet-ups. One of the groups that I really wanted to pursue back then, of course, was the Bloggers' group. However, nothing really came of it and I wasn't really sure if stepping as organiser would help. Sadly, blogging hasn't really been that big here in Adelaide. After reading the recap of the first Melbourne Bloggers' Meet-up on Darren's blog, it made me wish we can do it in Adelaide too. So, now, I wonder if there are fellow Adelaide-based bloggers who would like to help in getting something like this set up?

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