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Spending the week at our brand spanking new office in downtown Toronto has been a very interesting experience. It will probably take a little while to process the whole thing, but I know one thing's for sure: I'm working with a bunch of very passionate people who want b5media to succeed in more ways than one.

It's a bizarre feeling - meeting people I've known and had been working with for a while now (some, as long as 2+ years), and realising that even though you know each other, you don't really know each other. No amount of email, Skype calls, chat, or phone talks can communicate certain things about people. So, from that point of view alone, this trip has been good and productive.

Anyway, a few things I like about our new office:

1) Location - It's really walking distance to a lot of neat places. It's accessible to public transport. And, it's apparently in the middle of Toronto's Tech Hub.

2) Look & Feel - The space is massive, with wooden floors and 'boutique style' feel, without being too posh to work in. It's just been renovated/done up too. At the moment, it may still feel 'unfinished', but there's definitely plenty of room to do it all up.

3) Unconventional - Flexible hours. People can either work on the sleek desks (not even lined up in the 'usual' way) - or on the comfy sofa/chairs. And, on some days, from their own homes.

4) WiFi - Of course.

5) Light - Plenty of it.

Anyway, even though I won't be reporting to the office (as I'm based in Oz, of course), I'm happy for our Toronto-based b5 team for securing this cool space for work. It feels like a real nice place to get all creative and passionate and rock. 🙂

In a few hours' time, I'd be boarding my plane back to Adelaide. Long, long flight ahead. I believe I'd be flying for 22+ hours. With waiting time, transfers, etc., I expect to be travelling for at least 30 hours. Probably more. No fun at all.

However, as I said, the trip has been good for many reasons. Definitely worth the journey.

More thoughts, recaps, stories and photos to come...

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