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Doodle o' the Day - 140707Another update, in list format...

1) On b5media: Our Level9 acquisition has just been announced. The network's growing in more ways than one. And yeah, more news and changes on the way... Oh, and you just have until the 20th of July 2007 to join b5's Music Channel launch contest. Don't miss your chance to win an iPod, a Memorex MP3 player or an iTunes Gift Certificate.

2) Ever since I posted this blog entry about getting a cavoodle (our lovely dog, Blue), I've been receiving several emails enquiring about cavoodles in general: where to get them, breeders, tips, what they're like, etc. And, seriously, it's one of the most popular pages I have here on my blog. And, I don't even write about cavoodles or dogs on a regular basis. So, I figured that instead of responding to all the emails one by one, I might as well collect all the resources that I have on cavoodles on one page. And, what better way to do an easy-to-update, off-the-topic page? Just create a Squidoo lens! So, here ya go: Cavoodles : All About This Dog Breed. That took me just around 10 or 15 minutes to set up.

3) And, I even managed to create a Facebook lens on Squidoo, while I was in a lensmaking mood. That page is just a collection of interesting Facebook stuff that I like - from Facebook resources to favourite Facebook apps. I even found links to videos about Facebook on YouTube. Heh.

4) If you like either one (or both/all!) of my Squidoo lenses, please rate them. Or better yet, create your own Squidoo lens and tell me all about it. It seems like a lot of trouble to begin with, but really, as soon as you get the hang of what you want to do in your lenses, it takes just a few minutes to create a page. Maybe one day I'll talk more about creating Squidoo lenses as opposed to just creating a blog entry or your own web page.

5) Happy to report that after over two weeks since I committed to doodling daily, I now have a growing collection of doodles - both digital and 'on paper'. Really, really pleased about this. Although it seems like an effort to spend some time doing something you love, I found that I actually spend more time arguing in my head why I don't have the time to do creative stuff, compared to the time I spend actually doing something creative (no matter how little). So, I figured that I'm much better off just doing it. It doesn't matter if the doodles look good or bad. It just matters that I'm doodling/art-making/creating something. Anything.

6) From blogland to me: My sister just gave me a Rockin' Girl Blogger award. Robin Yap came up with an interesting post tied with a training icebreaker activity based on the post, A House with Four Rooms. Janette Toral came up with the Blog Juice calculation of Top 100 Aussie and Pinoy blogs (I'm listed in both).

7) Julie Anne Bonner asks: What Makes You Stay in a Blog? To me, it's primarily connectivity. I really don't have as much time to bloghop like I used to. I try to read (and comment on) as many blogs as possible. It's a challenge, but to me, I often find myself making the time to read, stay and comment if I feel connected to the blogger in some way. If the blogger writes about things I'm interested in. If he/she inspires me. If he/she gives me something to think about - and work on. Or, if the blogger has somehow been reaching out to me by leaving comments on my blog/s, interacting with me via social networks, etc.

8) I have 5 Pownce invites to give away. If you want one, please leave a comment here and let me know. I don't really know if I like Pownce enough just yet. But, I've been invited by Tris and I'm now forced to play with the kewl kids. Sorta.

9) On Making Money Online: I've been having open mic Mondays lately and this week's topic is Google AdSense. I'm curious to hear your story, if you have one.

10) A big shout out and thanks to folks who joined the I Love My Blog Community Facebook group. There are now 23 members since starting and launching the group. Yay! Current members: Leora Zellman, Will Pate, Jayvee Fernandez, Jason Bean, Hsien Hsien Lei, Christina Jones, Heather Goldsmith, Lia Espina, Shirley Bragg, Julie Anne Bonner, Barry Rutherford, Rachel Clarke, Suzzann Behaylo, Brian Layman, Sasha Manuel, Mary Jo Manzanares, Liz Strauss, Karen Cheng, Che Diego, Steve James, Andrew Kaplan, and Toni Tiu. Thanks, all. And, I'm looking forward to receiving your input about all things community.

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