The Best Chocolate Ever


If you ever ask me what the best chocolate is, I won't be able to tell you. How can I? I love chocolate. Full stop. In nearly all shapes, forms, flavours, and colours.

Before I went to Belgium, I would've told you that I'd never eat dark chocolate. Offer it to me and I'd say pass.

But, while I was in a cafe in Brugge a few years ago (sipping hot cocoa in the middle of winter, with log fires and a picturesque view) - I ended up tasting the most wonderfully delicious dark chocolate ever. How can I then say that I didn't like them?

So, now, even though I still prefer milk chocolate (followed by white chocolate), I don't just pass up dark chocolate given the chance. But yeah, I must say that if there's one type of chocolate that I'm still not too fond of - it's the type with fruit in them. I mean, I love fresh fruit with melted chocolate (chocolate-covered strawberries, anyone?). But, I'm not a big fan of something like, say, Cadbury Fruit and Nut. And, no mint chocolates either.

In our weekly grocery shopping, chocolates are definitely part of the staple buy. Some of the usual brands that go in to the trolley (not all of them in one go, of course; they get alternated): Boost, KitKat, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Hazelnut, Snickers, Mars, Twix, and M&Ms. My latest chocolate find: Heaven. Seriously. Yum. An apt name, I tell 'ya.

And, of course, there's Adelaide's very own: Haigh's chocolates. They're expensive though. So, they're just 'treats'.

Other chocolatey loves: Timtams, Chocolate ice cream (oh, how I miss Rocky Road ice cream! - we don't seem to get them here), brownies, mousse, chocolate chip cookies, YanYan, Hello Panda, hot chocolate, chocolate doughnuts... And yep - I 'bake' chocolate cake every now and then (Cadbury is the fave; but also work with Betty Crocker or Sara Lee). From Manila, I miss: Chocnut, Flat Tops, Curly Tops, Jack n' Jill chocolate pretzels...

Even my childhood is filled with chocolate memories. My Christmas stocking, for example, was never complete without Baby Ruth or Violet Crumble or Three Musketeers.

OK. What did I say? I love my chocolates.

How about you? Are you a chocoholic too? If you were to vote which chocolate is the best one, which one will you choose? Do you have any favourites? Are you a milk, white or dark chocolate kinda' person?

C'mon, 'fess up.

Oh, and, writing of chocolate, do check out b5's Chocolate Bytes. Yummilicious alert! And, I just love Debbie Ohi's Will Write for Chocolate comic series. Not really about chocolate per se, but it's about a writer who loves chocolate.

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