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Rockin' Girl BloggersAfter receiving not one... not two... but THREE Rockin' Girl Blogger Awards from three sweet women/bloggers, I knew that I can't keep the honour without sharing and passing this on...

So, here are just 8 of my favourite rockin' female bloggers (I've got more and I intend to keep blogging about everyone I like online):

  • Debbie Ridpath Ohi - To me, Debbie will always be an inspiration. I first found her through Inkspot, many Internet years ago (about a decade ago!). Her journal/blog, Blatherings, is the first of its kind that I found online. She rocks as an artist, writer, musician... I was hoping to meet her when I went to Toronto, but unfortunately, we didn't get the chance. Maybe one day...
  • Karen Cheng - Karen is just one cool woman. Finding her and her blog when she first linked to me about 3.5 years ago was fantastic. Karen is very creative and artistic. I love her quirky blogging style. And, over all that, I admire her as a mum and wife - always up with fantastic outings and ideas. She often makes me want to be a better mum and wife. Oh and yeah, she was also really sweet enough to meet me and my li'l family when I told her we were going to be in Fremantle a couple of years ago. It was a real treat to meet her and her boys
  • Ali Edwards - I first found Ali's blog and her work in the scrapbooking community around 2+ years ago, when Christine featured her at her scrapbooking blog. Since then, I've been following her personal blog and finding inspiration on a regular basis. Her creativity is astounding. Her love for her man and her boy is just great. I am constantly amazed with the things she does in her art/craft. Ali is definitely rockin'!
  • Angela Giles Klocke - Angela is another blogger I've known online for years. Yes, long before the word 'blog' was even invented. Our paths first crossed within the writing circles. I've followed her work and admired her for her tenacity and passion. She is one woman who doesn't seem to like to do things half way through. If she does something, she gives a lot of herself in to it. And recently, I've witnessed her growth in the field of photography.
  • Kelly Angard - Also known as The Crafty Girl. I'm not quite sure when I first encountered her art (maybe it was about a year or two ago), but I was immediately drawn to the beauty of her mixed media and collage works. Her self portraits and other photography are fantastic. She inspired me to explore the idea of self-portraiture at a time when I thought it was just pure vanity. Later, I found out that she's also the author a collage/scrapbooking book that I've been lusting after (still want it).
  • Claudine Hellmuth - About 3 or 4 years ago (maybe more?), I stumbled upon Claudine's collage work. When her first book came out, I immediately purchased and began my life as another "Claudine clone" when it came to creating mixed media work. I had to shake that clone-y inclination in order to discover my own voice in collage/mixed media. I was really glad when she started her own blog. It was great to learn more about the person behind the art.
  • Christine of Happy Slip - I'm not sure how I found Happy Slip. All I know is that when I first watched one of her videos on YouTube a few months ago, I was hooked. I don't watch every single video she posts but I enjoy most of the stuff that I watch. And, I often talk about her to folks whenever the subject of video blogging comes up. I think she's rockin' brilliant!
  • Carly Schwerdt - Also based in Adelaide, I didn't know about her blog until I found some of her work that were being sold at Mahar Dry Goods, just a few months ago. She teaches art for kids from her home in one of the suburbs here. And, I was excited when I found out that she decided to teach art for adults too. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to join her first class. One day, I hope to do so. Or at the very least, I hope to meet her one day.

Oh, and yeah, here are the three Rockin' Girl awards that I received (that I am aware of anyway; if you gave me one and I haven't thanked you yet, please free to alert me :-)) -

From Sasha Manuel of The Parody:

"Shai Coggins. Dear me. Where do I even begin? She’s the VP for Community and co-founder of a kick-ass global blog network, b5media, for starters. She’s been at this whole blogging thing way back when a blog wasn’t even called a blog. She’s a mum with two gorgeous kids. And has an MA in Applied Psychology to boot. She’s even listed as one of the most powerful women online. She definitely rocks! Hands down."

From Heather Goldsmith of A Creative Journal:

"Shai Coggins who opened the door to online creativity for me."

From Alfa Mercado of Apple Says No to Bundy Clocks:
"Shai Coggins is one rockin’ girl blogger for achieving so many of things that many women could just dream of such as being professional writer, consultant, artist and helping run one of the most popular blog networks while keeping things in place for her family."

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