8 Random Things About Moi

Me and Mackie 1

1) Generally, I like to please and placate people. I don't enjoy confrontation. But, there's also a bit of a rebel in me. I'm not fond of being told what to do. And, since I like friendships and fun times, I'm doing this tag from Robin in my own way. Hope you don't mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2) I love to travel. My most favourite city is Paris. I've been to most of the cities in my dream list (including Singapore, Cape Town, New York, Sydney, Toronto, London). The next stop in my wish list: Italy.

3) I get weak at the sight of blood. One of the most compelling reasons why I didn't proceed with becoming a medical doctor.

4) I don't like watching horror flicks. I can never see the entertainment value in getting scared. Comedy, romance, fantasy... I'm all for feel-good entertainment.

5) I love the theatre. I secretly wanted to be a thespian. I managed to act in some school and church productions ages ago, but many things stopped this dream. Never mind. I still love all things theatre. My absolute favourite theatre experience: Watching Les Miserables in London (the best musical in my book). Other theatre faves: Phantom of the Opera (also watched in London), Miss Saigon (in Singapore) and Annie (in Brisbane, Australia).

6) Another secret dream: To be on Oprah. I don't really know why I'd be in her show, but hey, I once wished I could meet the Care Bears, so why not Oprah? ๐Ÿ˜‰

7) I'm girly enough that I like dressing up, like most women. But, you won't find me obsessing over shoes, handbags, clothes (not much anyway!) - and definitely not jewellery. But, I'm always obsessing about a gadget of some kind. Current wish-obsession: To get my first ever DSLR camera! (got it!)

8) I am always up for a good massage! With a long-standing problem with my back (and other aches and pains!), I am determined to get regular massages. It's one of those luxuries that had become an essential part of my health and well-being.

Okay. Apparently, I'm meant to tag 8 other people with this, but I don't want to make folks feel obligated to respond. However, in the spirit of memes and tags, let me just ask: William, Christina, Junnie, Melissa, Toni, Salamin, Deborah and Elizabeth to share 8 things about them. But, no pressure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And, if I didn't tag you by name, please feel free to post this on your blog, if you wish. Just say I sort of tagged you anyway.

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