Weekend Wonders

Weekend Wonders Maybe it has something to do with the powers of intention. Or maybe, just the wonders of springtime weather.

Whatever it was that brought about the weekend that just passed, I am absolutely pleased. Productivity, learning, creativity, domestic bliss, sociability, spirituality, and even shopping therapy. The weekend had it all.

First off, we went to meet our two good friends - Glen and Berns - last Friday evening to watch a short demo as part of the Science Week celebrations here in Adelaide. The one that we attended was held at the Central Market, organised by the University of Adelaide. The Science Guy held quite an interesting session that was especially geared for kids - talking about gravity, centrifugal force, atoms, energy, and how some stuff work (coolest part was when he demo'd how a rocket launches). It was great.

And, it was a good way to introduce the wonders of Science to my 3.5 year old boy. His biggest question of the evening was: "Why didn't the water fall when the man spun the bucket around?" And when asked why the stuff (vase, glass, etc) didn't fall off the table when another man pulled the tablecloth, my boy answered confidently: "Because he did it very fast!" Whee.

After the science demo, we went off to the foodcourt to eat. Found a new Japanese fastfood place. Got some tempura and dimsum. Yum. It wasn't fantastic, but it was good enough that I know we will come back another time. It ended up to be a fun and interesting evening.

On Saturday, I decided to go shopping (with the baby). My hubby and boy went off to get some lavenders to plant in our front garden (to go with the roses). It was the first time that I went to the shops with just me and the baby. I didn't know what to expect. But, she behaved beautifully. Three hours and not a massive peep. She even smiled at every single stranger who came to admire her. Yay.

The shopping trip was actually planned for next week's Father's Day. Although, I did end up grabbing a few bits and bobs for the boy and the baby girl. Including a tiny bikini for the li'l one. I couldn't help myself. Since most of the baby's clothes were given to us, I never got the chance to shop for her. It was great, of course. But, somehow, I have this tiny itch inside me - longing to buy little girl stuff. Heh.

Anyway, I also bagged a "designer" trench coat for myself, which was on sale. Originally priced at AU $130+, I got mine for $30. Never owned one of these things before, so I'd have to figure out how to style myself with it. Maybe I should ask my fashionista sister?

But, my absolute, absolute exciting purchase (that will probably end up freaking the recipient once he receives our credit card bill. nyeh.) - is the Father's Day pressie I bought for my hubby. I can't spill the beans here, in case he reads this (he doesn't usually)... but I know that he's curious enough. So, I'll keep it a secret for now. Maybe I'll blog about it next week.

Sunday morning was spent doing some chores and playing with the kids and all that. We had a nice lunch at our deck, enjoying the spring-like weather. It was really lovely. The garden's slowly improving. Mostly due to my husband's work, mind you. Hubby and the boy started planting some flowers and veggies a few weeks ago. And, they're slowly growing. The tress that have been here when we bought the place are now sprouting gorgeous blossoms. Really enjoying it all. I just love springtime!

In the afternoon, while the baby rested and the boys were out, I decided to get my art gear out. It has been a very long time since I last painted. Too long. However, I won't get into this today. I intend to blog about my latest painting project next time, though.

Oh yeah, I did manage to sneak in some work time too, like I usually do most weekends. But, at least the weekend was more wonderful because it was filled with all sorts of other things. Hope you had a fab weekend too.

Photos in Mosaic:
1. Central Market, 2. Weekend Dress-up 1, 3. Front Garden (Day After), 4. Triptych - Painting Stage 1

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