A Big Wheeee for Wii!

Wheeee for Wii!

When my son started to show interest in video games a few months ago, my husband began talking about purchasing a video game console. So, I decided to do a little bit of investigation first. I wanted to know what was the best game console for families with very young kids.

I began my search through review sites and blogs, eBay, and Amazon. I even started poring through local junk mail to check out costs and available games. I looked at reviews and feedback on Xbox vs PlayStation vs Wii.

Due to cost and the types of games that were available, the Xbox quickly went out of the running. I then looked at Playstation 2 vs Playstation 3. The PS3 sounded good, but since it cost AU $1,000 here just for the console, it was out of the question. There was just NO way I could justify spending that much money on a game console, especially since I know that we're not (and not likely ever to be) massive gamers.

In fact, I don't even remember the last time I played one of these things. I recall spending hours playing Space Invaders and PacMan on an Atari as a child. Then, there was Tetris and Legend of Zelda in an old Nintendo box as a young teen. After that... well, I just stuck with PC games and an occasional trip to the arcades.

But, I digress, so...

In the end, it was down to PlayStation 2 vs Wii.

PS2 seemed great because of all the games that are already available in Oz. Plus, the console is more affordable, so it's a bit cheaper to set up. I also know that we can easily rent games from our local Blockbuster too, so there won't be a constant need to buy games.

But then, I ended up choosing the Wii because:

1) Hubby loves sports. And, the boy is showing a lot of interest in sports too. What better way to play sport in video games format than the Wii? In fact, when the Wii finally got set up at home and I watched the boy, the husband and our friends play Wii Sport, I KNEW that I did the right thing. Our friends were quickly sold on the Wii too! In fact, I wonder how long it'll take for them to buy their own console now that they almost found it impossible to go home after they discovered the joys of Wii with us. 🙂

2) Most of the reviews mentioned that one of the Wii's great feature is its ability to appeal to a wider audience - from very young kids to grandparents, newbie gamers to pro level, folks who just want to play basic party video games to those really keen to make gaming a habit...

3) I LOVE the fact that Wii players don't end up just pressing buttons! If you really get in to it, playing a few games of tennis and/or boxing can really give you a mini-workout. It's very kinesthetic, which is fantastic.

4) I know that it's going to be a great bonding activity not just for my hubby and son, but also for the whole family (and even our friends!)...

If you own a Wii and/or ever played one, I'd love to hear all about your tips and tricks. Maybe, even suggest games to buy in the future!

At the moment, other than Wii Sport, we've got Wii Play. And yeah, Sims Pets also came with the package I bought. But, I don't think we'd keep that game. I used to love playing Sims (on PC), but it's really too time consuming and not enough to keep our family interested right now.

Oh, and yes, this WAS the secret Father's Day pressie that I mentioned in my Weekend Wonders blog entry. And, it looks like a winner of a gift. Hubby says it's possibly THE best present I've ever given him to date. Heh.

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