Meet Readers: Julie, Kari, Jim, Mark, Judebabe

Meet ReadersHere I am once more, catching up on the Tell Me About You project. Again, my apologies that this is taking such a long time. I'm hoping to get my backlog posts down to less than half by the end of this year.

Anyway, here you go. Please say howdy to...

QueenJulia - Julie is a 40-something blogger from the US, who found my blog through Karen Cheng over two years ago. She obviously loves to live life to the fullest. She has several interests - including painting and books. Realy enjoying her blog writing style and ideas. Thanks for dropping by and saying hello.

Urban Wallflower - When she first introduced herself to me via this comment, she was Reclusivegirl. A few more transformations later, I now know her as Kari. She's a fabulous 20-something girl I met through this blog over two years ago. She has kept well in touch and I love getting to know her bit by bit over the years too. Thanks so much for sticking around! Some good bits about her blog: Interesting ideas and friendliness.

Jim (Mr. T) - A 40-something software engineer, married with kids from NYC. Very kind, smart guy. I love his blog name, "Thumos," which he explains as: "Thumos" is a Greek word that we often translate as "spiritedness" or "passion." It implies a spirit of contention or fight, like having a beer with your buddy and loudly insisting that Dylan was cooler than the Beatles. This is an excuse for spirited posts that follow my more or (often) less disciplined passions. Mmmm... Very nice 'meeting' you too.

Mark - Well, Mark definitely was quite good with leaving a very... er, candid and comical introduction. Uh, twice. Unfortunately, it seems like Mark is no longer blogging. Or at least, the URL he left in his coment(s) was no longer active. Hope he's still well.

Judebabe - She's a 20-something girl from Singapore, now living in Beijing. She also found my blog through Karen. What I love about her blog: the colourful header and all the photos she posts of herself and the things that interest her. Thanks again for your kind words and for saying Hi.

Okay... there you go. Five down. Uh... dozens more to go? So, if you have left an introduction, please know that I WILL eventually get to your comment and blog. Thanks again for your patience.

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