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It took over 2 months from start of this triptych painting to finish to actual hanging. But, I guess, that's not exactly a bad thing. After all: a) I didn't have a lot of time to work on full paintings what with full time work and home duties (so I had to do this in a few short blocks of time) and b) oil paintings just dry soooo slowly - in fact, this one was finished a couple of weeks ago and the paints haven't fully dried yet even at the time of hanging. Ah, well. It's done. Now hanging in the front room, on the wall facing our front door.

One view of the front room with the triptych

The triptych was actually meant to go on the wall next to the fireplace (this feature was all re-done - with new finish, paint, hearth, gas fire, mirror, and mantelpiece; love love love it all). Yes, in the dining area. But, I realised that I ended up using canvases that weren't big enough to fill that wall properly. So now, that empty wall is still crying out for something. Argh. Not sure what I'm going to do with it though.

My problem with that wall is that I want to decorate it, but I don't want it to be too busy, as I want the fireplace to be the focal point of the room. Well. I'm sure I'll figure something out sooner or later. Another problem solving exercise.

Anyway, here's how the triptych looks like when you step in to our house:

Triptych Hanging on the Wall

I think it turned out well. Some notes from this painting:

1) Painting with a limited palette is a real challenge. I only used the following colours: burnt sienna and white... and I used black for the outline and background (violet was also added for the background to make it less harsh).

2) This painting was hanged with 5 cms gap between each canvas. I wanted to see if I can hang them further apart but somehow, it seems to lose some impact if they're too far apart.

3) I really prefer working with acrylics, due to speed of drying and ease of use. But, there is something attractive about working in oils. Also, I believe there is a bit more sheen/gloss in the finish if oils are used.

Anyway, there you go. My first finished painting on canvas in 2007. Will it be the only one, like last year's diptych? Maybe. But, you never know.

What's the title? I have no idea. But, it does remind me of the 'Fun Flowers' series that I did a few years ago. Hmmm.

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