Truth or Dare: Let’s Play!

Truth or DareDo kids nowadays still play games like 'Truth or Dare?'

Did you ever play these games as a pre-teen or teen?

Usually, a game of 'Truth or Dare' came with spin-the-bottle or something similar. Remember watching that spinning bottle (or pen or whatever) --- and hoping like mad that it didn't point to you?

Well, guess what? It's pointing at your direction now. And, the dreaded question comes up: "Truth... or Dare?"

If you choose TRUTH, then answer this:
What's your BEST childhood memory?

If you choose DARE, then take this challenge:

Whether you think of yourself as a creative person or not, declare at least ONE creative act that you believe you can do. (Say: "I use creativity in...." or "I am a creative...")
Or, if that's tough, then choose at least one creative act that you wish you can do.
(Say: "I would like to be creative in...")

Share your responses via comments or on your own blog.

Or, if you prefer to write it down privately, that's cool too. Grab your journal or notebook and play.

So, what will it be? Truth or Dare?

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