What Inspires You?

Purple PetuniasOne of my favourite Facebook apps is the My Questions application. I love that I can post a short question and encourage my network to answer whatever it is that I just asked. It's interesting to read the different perspectives from various people.

My last question, "Have you ever been inspired? If yes, how?" came up with some really interesting feedback. I really enjoyed finding out what inspires people. Here are just some of my favourite responses -

"I have been endlessly inspired by books, people, places, moods, movies, a stray comment, a walk on the beach, a painting, a child's smile, a conversation, a word, rain on my window, sand beneath my toes, tastes, scents, sounds, and it goes on & on..." - Heather Goldsmith

"Family... Books... songs... even the rustling of leaves and the chirping of birds... whatever makes me feel i'm alive." - Junnie Arreza

"By reading and listening to motivational material. It is something I try to do once a week, but really should do something once a day." - Lee Hopkins

"From the simplest shortest word i read to something as grand as a Philippine sunset." - Arnold Manuel

"My husband inspires me with his encouraging words and happy outlook. My parents inspire me to work harder. Nature, people-watching and relaxing inspire my writing." - Toni Tiu

"I am inspired by watching people at the top of their game whether it be in sport, business or other pursuit. I also am inspired by leaders who keep calm under pressure. and last by my children." - Andrew Kaplan

"My wife inspires me constantly." - Trench Reynolds

"Good writing inspires me to improve my own writing." - Debbie Ohi

"I worked with someone until just about a month ago. He is almost the same age as me but he is in a wheelchair. I thought he was born that way but I learned that it was an accident. Since then, I feel inspired to walk as much as possible." - Jeanne Dupuis

And, even though the responses are varied, they seem to fall under a handful of common themes. Based on the responses, these are our 3 Main Sources of Inspiration:

1) LOVED ONES - Partners, children, parents, family... Our relationships seem to be one of the main sources of inspiration.

2) NATURE - Whatever it is that connects us with the world around us, also tend to inspire us.

3) SUCCESS / EXCELLENCE - When other people accomplish something great - be it overcoming a personal obstacle or creating a work of art - we tend to feel inspired to do more, better.

What about you? Have you been inspired lately? How?

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