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My Side of The SkyWorking Holiday Updates

Being "in transit"/"working holiday mode" is interesting. On the plus side: You get to work next to gorgeous swimming pools. On the down side: WiFi can be really, really tricky! And, yeah - having to work in a different time zone does funny things to your day! 😉

Anyway, yes - I just completed my 3-day trip to Singapore. It was great - catching up with friends. And, eating all the fabulous yummy food! Got to do some 'touristy' stuff - including seeing the new improved Night Safari. Really enjoyed it. It reminded of all the good (and not-so-good) things about a country that I've also considered 'home' for a few years. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to meet any fellow b5ers and other bloggers.

And now, I'm in Manila. Just arrived yesterday evening. And, I already managed to eat ensaymada, Spanish bread and pan de sal. Heh. Looking forward to my first 'lechon' dinner tonight. Mmmm....

Blog Star Updates

I'm so amazed at all the support that the Blog Star project is receiving. Other than the very helpful comments and early nominations, a few folks like Sueblimely and Meg from Blogpond have blogged about the Awards. Thank you all so much.

I realised that I've definitely opened up something here that both resonated with some folks and made others skeptical. I can understand both sides. And yes, I know that it will not be an easy task (not exactly sure what I put myself up to do here! ;-)).

And, while it may seem more like a just a dream to some, I'm really looking forward to seeing how it will come to pass. Yes, I am a bit of a dreamer. But, I guess that's one of the reasons I am where I am and I do what I do. No apologies on my part here. I love to dream. I am a wishful thinker. And, like the great Kahlil Gibran once said: "I prefer to be a dreamer among the humblest, with visions to be realized, than lord among those without dreams and desires."

Anyway, I will start sorting through everyone's input. And, please continue to send in your nominations, stories, and other feedback about Blog Stars.

Manila Bloggers' Meet-up Updates

The Manila Bloggers' Meet-up on the 30th of November is turning out to be quite an affair to look forward to. Other than those who confirmed through this blog via comments, there are already about 30 people who confirmed that they're coming to the mixer via our Facebook event page. An additional 17 said that they're a 'Maybe' too. And, I don't know how many will be bringing in guests. But... WOW! We're up to almost 50!

Anyway, we've finalised the venue. And, it's going to be at Isla Café of RockEd.

To all who may not be aware of this, RockEd Philippines is a volunteer organisation that supports alternative education - and finding ways to end poverty in the country. I'm so pleased to find out all about them - and to be able to support the organisation in some way.

And yes - b5media is sponsoring!

So, the first 50 guests will be treated to unlimited coffee and dessert, the centerpiece of which will be a free-flowing chocolate fondue fountain. Mmmmm... chocolate! If that's not enough to lure you in, I don't know what will! 😉

If we have more than 50 guests, you're still welcome to join us. While we cannot offer you free coffee and dessert, we'd still love to offer you our company and a fab time with fellow bloggers.

And, everyone who signs in will get the chance to win some schwag through our raffle - b5 gear, a couple of my prints, blogging books, etc.

Thank you to everyone who has helped out in this so far (love you, Sasha and Rico ;-)) --- and and thanks to everyone who are making the time to come and to say hello. I'm really, really looking forward to meeting you all.

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