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Yes, I'm finally back in Adelaide, after being away for my Working Holiday in Asia for about 3 weeks. I really enjoyed my trip, but I'm glad to be back to home base too. Yay, 24/7 WiFi! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, I've got lots of blogging to catch up with. So, I'll do my best to tell all my backlogged stories. Although, I must say that one thing that really hits hard upon coming home is the realisation of just how much work and other commitments that need to be addressed and done. Yikes.

Ah, well.

One of the highlights of my trip is the b5media mini meet-up that was held last 29th November 2007 at Plato Platino -

b5ers Meet! b5ers Here: Rico Mossessgeld, Juned Sonido, Mike Leano, Jayvee Fernandez, me, and Sasha Manuel

The meet-up was almost cancelled because earlier that day, there was a coup attempt in one of the busiest business districts in Manila (Makati City). I watched the whole thing unfold on telly - and admittedly panicked a bit when I saw SWAT teams, army tanks and such being called in. Not used to this political environment anymore.

Anyway, we decided to go ahead with the meet-up. Rico picked me up from my apartment. We were stuck in traffic for 2+ hours. There were barricades and roaming police in the streets. And, on the way, we heard about the 12 midnight curfew. Argh. We then picked up Sasha - and made our way to Mall of Asia, where other b5ers were waiting. By the time we got there though, most shops were shutting down because of the curfew.

So, we quickly looked for a restaurant that was still open and ended up at Plato Platino. They had great food and offered a good service to folks who're in a massive rush. We met and ate within an hour or so. Juned was kind of enough to offer to bring Sasha and I back to my apartment, since we didn't want Rico to be caught in the curfew.

Good times, eh?

Will blog about the general bloggers' mixer next!

More b5media Meet-up Photos @ Flickr

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