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Before I share my own take on the Manila Bloggers' Mixer that was held last 30th November 2007 over at Kape Isla at Serendra, I thought I'll take this time to share some reactions from the blogosphere first (from earliest post to latest). Just as a way to say thanks again to everyone who came and blogged about it all.

Here are those that I managed to catch (via Technorati backlinks, comments, etc) -

  • With Sonnie & SonSonnie's take - "Juggling Work, Family, Fun and Politics" (posted on 30 Nov 07; also re-posted at Multiply). It was great meeting Sonnie and his son, but unfortunately, he left early so we didn't get a long time to chat.
  • Noemi's lovely post at - "Meet-up with Bloggers and the Asus Eee PC" (posted 1 Dec 07). Noemi is one of the bloggers that I was looking forward to meeting, ever since she confirmed her attendance. She's really cool and I ended up chatting with her and Annalyn from Manila Bulletin for a while. It was fab! Loved it. It was even great to find out that Noemi doesn't usually stay late in these meet-ups but she hanged around with us 'til almost midnight. Woohoo!
  • With Toni & Noemi
    With Noemi and Toni

  • Toni's nice take on "Meeting Shai and the Blogger Mixer" (posted 1 Dec 07). Another blogger I've been longing to meet! Toni's been a long time online buddy, and I was really excited to her (and her H ;-)). It was sooo nice to meet her. Too bad she couldn't stay longer, though! But, hopefully, that meeting was just the first of many!
  • Mark, Renzie, & RG (with me)
    With Mark, Renzie and RG

  • Renzie's fresh take from a newbie blogger's POV - "In the Company of Bloggers" (posted on 1 Dec 07). Had a good chat with Renzie that evening and am happy that he received one of my handcrafted art journals as a prize. Also pleased to know that his first ever blogger mixer event was a such a positive experience. That was really cool.
  • Fun with Gorgeous Bloggers from Manila
    Me, Sophie, Phoebe, Karla (standing)
    Sasha, Sharms, Roanne (sitting)

  • Sharm's photo-filled take at - "Blogger Mixer @ Kape Isla" (posted 2 Dec 07). I especially loved that she wrote this about the meet-up: "I’ve been to alot of Blogger meet ups and this was the coziest meet up I’ve attended so far. I met new bloggers and got the chance to mingle with the experts about beauty, fashion and other “kikayâ€? (girly) stuff. It was so fun and I can really relate to that (no doubt lol) than chatting with boys about techy stuff. I’ve learned new things from make-ups to clothing, from traveling to night outs, and etc." ACool! Sharm is one impressive girl, who plays ice hockey at high level (a former ice dancer). And, she's fashionable and beautiful too!
  • With Eugene & Juned

  • Eugene's post - "Shai Coggins, Asus Eee PC, and an Interview" (posted 4 Dec 07). Even though Eugene came in late, it was great to still manage a chat with him. One interesting trivia I learned that night is that Eugene pretty much met all but one of four siblings from my family. Heh. He also has more photos from the mixer over at Flickr.
  • Sophie's sweet post - "Blogger Mixer, Weekend Partying and Beautiful Sundays" (posted 5 Dec 07). And, also at her b5 beauty blog. Sophie's such a pleasure to meet. Not only is it fab to chat with her, she even gave me some fab loot from her personal beauty line. Was very impressed with this girl. Thanks again! Will have to report on how I do with all those gorgeous brushes and make-up. 😉
  • Azrael's extensive coverage at - "Blog and Coffee" (posted 6 Dec 07), with photos and videos from the event. Azrael also commented: "It was the best bloggers meet for me." Yay. Azrael also interviewed me for a 'live coverage' of the event. It was cool. He posted a video on YouTube. I re-posted the video interview over at JMMO. Thanks again, Azrael!
  • Annalyn, Azrael, & Myself
    With Annalyn and Azrael, my interviewers from the mixer

  • Sasha's take at - "b5media PH Dinner and Blogger Mixer" (posted 12 Dec 07), a wrap-up of both the b5 meet-up and the blogger mixer. She also has additional photos from the mixer at her Multiply gallery. And, Sasha has been posting a series of fashion spotting from the mixer over at Tops2Bottoms. Some samples are here and here.

I'll update this, if I find more write-ups. If you blogged about this event and I missed your link, please let me know. I'm happy to add it here!

Again, thanks everyone.

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