A Manila Bloggers’ Mixer and A Manila Bulletin Feature

Kape Isla - Front After sharing some of the Manila Bloggers' Mixer stories from the blogosphere, here's my own take on the event that happened last 30th of November 2007 at Kape Isla (in Serendra).

The Philippine-themed cafe was closed for the evening's event. There was the gorgeous chocolate fountain centre piece, plenty of desserts and light food - and coffee. No wonder the event lasted from 7 pm to midnight (some even went off to a nearby club to extend the fun; I was too tired to go drinking with the young ones. ;-)).

There was an abundance of chatter, laughter, notes-sharing, and all sorts of geeky fun (like ogling over Juned's Asus Eee PC mini laptop, doing live web cam coverages, checking out each other's gadgets, and paparazzi-like photo taking sessions, among others). There were goodies to be shared - beauty goods from Style Manila and Sophie, art goodies from Studio S, b5media schwag, and blogging related books.

Oh, did I say that I REALLY had a fantastic time meeting this vibrant group of bloggers based in Manila?

And yes, thanks to Annalyn Jusay of Manila Bulletin, there was a fab press coverage of the event (and b5media) on the 3rd December issue of one of Manila's largest newspapers via the Blog-O-Rama column -

Manila Bulletin's Blog-O-Rama Interview: Published 3 Dec 07

If you want to read the article online, it's archived at Manila Bulletin Online - A blogger mixer in Manila with Shai Coggins of b5media

Manila Bloggers' Mixer @ Kape Isla

Here's a shout-out (and another massive thank you) to all the guests for the evening -

There were also a handful of non-bloggers who stopped by the event, to see friends and family. So, they were exposed to the world of blogger get-togethers. ๐Ÿ™‚

And, of course, a big big thanks again to the two folks who helped me organise the event: Sasha Manuel and Rico Mossessgeld.

Hopefully, this is only the first of many blogging get-togethers.

From the photo collage:

1. Kape Isla: Reserved for the Mixer, 2. The Chocolate Fountain, 3. Annalyn, Azrael, & Myself, 4. With RG, 5. With Noemi, 6. Mark, Renzie, & RG (with me), 7. With Eugene & Juned, 8. With Annalyn from Manila Bulletin, 9. With Azrael & RG, 10. During The Raffle, 11. Jonas, 12. Paparazzi, 13. Fun with Gorgeous Bloggers from Manila, 14. The Beautiful Bloggers from Manila, 15. Sonnie & Son, 16. Talking Beauty!, 17. Mike, Jayvee, Marc, Rico & Me, 18. Blurred with the Looks! ๐Ÿ˜‰, 19. With Toni & Noemi, 20. Another One with Toni & Noemi

*NOTE: Yes, this is the last you'll hear of this event. Regular blog programming will resume shortly. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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