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Looking back in order to move forward can be a "good thing" to do at times. And, the end of each year is always a good time to do such recaps and reviews. So, I thought I'd share with you some of the most popular posts from this blog, based on the number of visits from May to Dec 07* (and some thoughts I have on them) -

1) Chicken Sopas Recipe - For some reason, this recipe that I created based on a popular Filipino soup has become the most visited page on ShaiCoggins.com. Strangely enough, it's not even part of the main blog. It's actually located at Dash Food, my 'side food blog' that I rarely update. Makes me wonder if I should be a dedicated foodie instead. Heh. Either that, or just incorporate my food-related posts in my main blog. Hmmm...

2) Cavoodle Cuddle - Didn't quite expect another "off topic post" to become so popular. But yeah, it looks like our family dog Blue has become quite the poster boy for cavoodles. Before I created the Squidoo page on cavoodles, I used to get at least 1-2 emails every few months about this topic. Things have quieted down now, but that page is still well visited.

3) Notes to Self: On the Wisdom of Simply Being - A simple list to remind me of what really matters. A cathartic post that seemed to have touched more folks than I expected. A real lesson to me about 'being real' on this blog.

4) Funky Art Gallery - It's my most popular page from my online art gallery. This ability to create galleries is the main reason I ditched WordPress 2 - 3 years ago on this blog. But, a lot of things have happened since.

5) 20 Ways to Become a Miserable Blogger - One of the few blogging-related posts that I wrote that made it to the Top 10 from this blog. Again, it was a personal exercise/reminder that found a soft spot with people.

6) Baby Countdown - Another 'semi off-topic' post that became popular with the search engines.

7) Twittering My Working Holiday in Asia - This is a mystery to me. I can sort of understand how all the other pages made it to the top list. This one, I have no clue. Shows you that any blog post can be popular, whether you intend them to be such or not.

8) What Makes a Good Leader? - Here's a post that showed me that the topic of leadership is really very popular. I still get folks emailing me about this, and asking me all sorts of questions and quoting what I wrote.

9) To Do: Create 100 Things List - It looks like there are a few people thinking of 100 things! Reminds me that I still need to do *my* list. Ergh.

10) Ever Heard of AntiClown Media? - Did a quick 'question post' 2.5 years ago while I was in my "investigative mode" about some blogs from AntiClown Media. And, that post is still getting decent traffic.

11) 5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence and Get Some Zing - We can all use a little nudge when it comes to getting some zing in to our life.

12) Coloured Nudes Gallery 1 - My second popular gallery. With the Ruby Nude being the most popular painting from the bunch.

13) Batik Gallery - The third most popular art series I created. With Batik Butterfly 3 as the most popular piece.

14) Yahoo Mail vs Gmail - Posted when Gmail was just starting out. 3.5 years on and it's still getting traffic.

15) Nonverbal Communication Between The Genders - Written while I was obsessed with the differences between male and female communication styles. Communication is one of my favourite topics so I'm happy about this post.

Other things that I've learned from this year's stats:

On Traffic - More than 50% of my traffic comes from search engines (primarily Google, Yahoo and MSN). About 37% of my traffic comes from various referring sites (primarily, StumbleUpon and some from Technorati; the blog that sends the most traffic here is Problogger, next is b5media.com; quick thanks to Karen Cheng and Toni Tiu for sending some folks my way as well). And, about 12% of visitors and readers come from direct traffic (folks visiting this blog by typing in the URL, checking their bookmarks, etc).

On Keywords - A good amount of folks find their way to this blog with the following keywords (or variations of such): funky art, chicken sopas, cavoodles, ruby nude, and baby countdown, among others. Lots of people also seem to search for me - as in, shai coggins (or even my maiden name!). I guess that's why one of my most visited pages is still my Index page.

On Visitors/Readers - People spend an average of 1 minute and 17 seconds on my site. And, it looks like most of my visitors still use Internet Explorer (48.5%) and Firefox users come second (44%). Also, 54% are on relatively fast internet connections (Cable or DSL). In terms of location, most of my visitors and readers still come from the United States. Australia comes second. Then, Canada, Philippines, and United Kingdom. All countries are closely related to me in one way or the other. Now if only I know the gender demographics! That'll help me more. Maybe I'll do another survey some time. 😉

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