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Last year, I shared my Personal Highlights from 2006 as a month-by-month account. This year, I thought I'd take the list route -

7 Memorable Moments
There are plenty, but here are the first things that came to mind...
mum & bub1. The birth of my daughter
2. Meeting fellow b5ers and other bloggers and friends in NYC and Toronto
3. First family trip, with 2 kids (Sunshine Coast)
4. Seeing family and friends in Manila and Singapore
5. Christmas holiday season (with the In-Laws)
6. Big birthdays of family and friends
7. Blogger meet-ups in Manila

7 Favourite New Things
It has been quite a year for shopping! Here are some of my faves...
Me and Mackie 11. Macbook Black - We had a shaky start, but we eventually found our groove. Now, I just love, love, love being a Mac Grrl.
2. The Nikon D40x - I had my eye on other DSLRs to begin with (namely, Canon Rebel XTi and Nikon D80). But, I'm really pleased with how the D40x is performing. I'm enjoying learning photography at the moment with my Nixie.
3. Zutter Bind-It-All - Finally realised my longing to create books. As in, make them. My own handmade journals and mini books like this, this, and this.
4. Print Gocco PG-5 - Another thing I've been hoping to get in to is printmaking. And, the Gocco enabled me to give this a go. And led me back to the creative marketplace.
5. Pure Digital Point-and-Shoot Video Camera - One of the best finds in 2007 for sure. This made video taking a lot easier on a day-to-day basis. Really happy with it.
6. Wii - Technically not mine (it was a Father's Day pressie for my hubby). But, I bought it and it was a hit with family (and friends who visit).
7. Homedics Electric Shiatsu Massager - My other Christmas pressie. The only one in my list that addresses my physical well being. Heh. I love (and need) massages, particularly because of my bad back. Since $60 massages (and freebie ones from hubby) aren't always plausible, it's great to have this option now. Yay.

7 Things I Learned
This year, I didn't take classes like I usually do (no time!). But, that didn't stop me from trying to learn new things...
1. Basic Knitting
2. Printmaking (with Gocco) and Zentangles
3. Basic Bookbinding and Book making
4. Introduction to DSLR Photography
5. Experimenting with Digital Music composition (like this)
6. Sewing (sort of; one experiment: creating Shigu)
7. Becoming More and Fearing Less

7 New Places I Visited
Plenty of plane rides and airports this year!
With the Statue of Liberty Busker1. New York City (USA)
2. Toronto (Canada)
3. Sunshine Coast, Queensland (Australia)
4. Punta Fuego (Philippines)
5. VivoCity (& a few other places in Singapore)
6. Serendra, Big Red Barn, etc (some areas around Manila, Philippines that I've never been to)
7. Various places in South Australia (e.g., Somerton Park beach, Grange Jetty Cafe & Hotel, etc.)

7 Special Mentions
Manila Bulletin's Blog-O-Rama Interview: Published 3 Dec 07What? No TV and magazine exposures this year? Better hire a publicist quick. Haha!
1. Being featured in SBS Radio (Australia), twice (check this).
2. Being in Top 100 Lists (both in Australia and Philippines) - and Ratified.
3. Receiving Rockin' Girl Blogger awards and getting interviewed by Steve Remington of Skinny Moose Media.
4. Being included in Enkay's Top 50 Female Bloggers list and Leigh's Top 50 Australian Women Bloggers list.
5. Being featured at WOW! (Women on Writing)
6. Also included in these lists: xfep's Top 15 Amazing Women Bloggers and Basapa's Top 100 Pinoy Probloggers
7. Getting an interview published over at Manila Bulletin's Blog-O-Rama (by Annalyn Jusay).

7 Favourite Blogging Tools
Not including my favourite gadgets (see above)...
1. Google Stuff - Gmail, Docs, Reader, Alerts, Calendar... You name it, I use it for my work and blogging in general. Well, most of 'em anyway. 2007 definitely marks the year where I became a real Google Grrl.
2. StumbleUpon - Proved to be a fabulous way to increase traffic on one's blog.
3. Ecto - It's nowhere near perfect. In fact, I'd jump ship immediately if I ever find another desktop client for Macs that can perform much better. But, at the moment, it's the one client that kept me off the Dashboards long enough.
4. Flickr - Not just for storing and sharing photos, but for community, learning and driving traffic to one's blog.
5. Technorati - No matter how I feel about this service, I still find it useful for a bit of traffic - and more importantly, for tracking link backs.
6. Facebook - For community, for networking, for promoting blogging stuff... There are more uses for Facebook for all types of bloggers than you might realise.
7. Hmmm... it's actually a toss-up between Twitter (for mini-blogging, networking, promos, news gathering, etc.) and Picnik (web-based image editing programme).

7 More Things
Some additional thoughts and memories from 2007...
b5media biz card1. Working Full Time with b5media
2. Finally getting to the end of the Harry Potter book series and lamenting how little I read this year.
3. Painting and creating again.
4. Receiving a "celebrating motherhood" eternity ring from hubby, after our second child was born
5. My son starting pre-kindy and getting him registered in a school
6. Finding a new church
7. Home additions... new fireplace, deck, fences...

Interesting to note how some of the things that I was looking forward to in 2007 turned out. Many wishes, hopes and dreams were fulfilled. Some things didn't turn out quite the way I would've liked. There were added bonuses and unexpected joys.

What about you? What are your 7 from 2007?

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