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365 Days - Day 1 - 1st Jan 08

Daily somethings have been resonating with me for some time now. I try, but haven't quite gotten the practice of habit quite right. My non-habit habit is just way too stubborn.

So, today, when I found out about Project 365 and 365 Days, I decided that these will now be part of my 'Goals for the Year: 2008 Edition'.

If you're not familiar with these community projects (via Flickr), Project 365 is basically an attempt to encourage everyone to take at least one photo a day - and to share - for one year. 365 Days is the 'tougher' variation: Take a self portrait every day for one year, and share the results. Both ideas, encouraged by Photojojo as part of a 19-item Photo New Year's Resolutions.

Scary. But, since I DO want to be a better blogger, a better photographer, and a better community participant in 2008, I decided to take the challenge.

The photo above is Day 1 of my 365 Days project. Called it, "Looking Back, Looking Forward".

The photo below is my first Project 365 entry -

Project 365 - Day 1 - 1st Jan 08

Yes, the highlight of my day is going to the Adelaide Oval to watch the 20/20 cricket match. My second 'live' cricket match. My first 20-20.

365 Days is actually a good fit in terms of my interest in exploring the process of self portraits. I've always been weary of doing them as they seem so narcissistic. But, over the last few years, I've seen such great variety of self portraits that are so artistic, vivid, and communicative. They reach out and *say something* that's bigger and grander than the subject. They made me see past the idea of 'self'. Strange, really. But yeah, that impact made me think that there's more to it in self portraiture than just vanity. And, I want to learn, understand, and explore the whole idea. Even if it terrifies me.

This study of self in order to find the bigger, grander picture is something that I've been obsessing about recently. So, I'm hoping that this project will enable me to find the answers I'm looking for.

My plan/approach with Project 365 is slightly different. My aim here is to document something from my everyday life. After all, I've been harping on about finding joy in the everyday things. So, I hope to capture in photographs something about my day. To tell daily stories - big or small, mundane or monstrous - in pictures.

If this is something that interests you too, check out, Project 365: How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way.

So, can you guess my super fab word of the year? TODAY.

Here's to a year of discovery, celebrations, and daily somethings.

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