Web Wednesday #2: Seal of Approval + Test Labs + Video

Web WednesdayCan't believe that it has been a week since I first launched Web Wednesday. Glad that this column received some good feedback.

So, here I am again, with some more web goodness...

And, as always, you're welcome to share your own thoughts on these sites/services/etc. Share your own web finds of the week too, if you wish.

Web Seal of Approval
Lovin' (or have loved) these things... you might too!

  • Flickr Add Referrer (plugin) - Flickr should really have this plugin as part of their normal service instead of a third party developer. But, anyway, this is a great plugin to tell folks where you saw their photos from when you leave a comment. If you're a Firefox user, there's an automatic way of doing this just by installing the plugin (must have GreaseMonkey plugin too). Other browsers can do it using a bookmarklet/favlet option.
  • HotRecorder and/or Pamela for Skype - Encountered a few questions recently about recording for Skype calls (Windows users). So, I thought I'd share this here too. HotRecorder has a free version, but records only for a limited time. I purchased the full version when I was working on Windows primarily. I was pretty happy with it, even though it had a few bugs. I also tried the free Pamela for Skype (bundled in "Skype extras") and the upgraded version. I thought it was also cool, but a bit tricky to learn to begin with because of all the features. But, definitely worth checking in to. As a Mac Grrl, I use (and have purchased) ecamm's Call Recorder. Pretty basic, and I wish it had more and better features. But unfortunately, there's not a lot of choices for Mac folks who wish to record Skype calls. At least, not that I'm aware of. But, at least this one works and is not too expensive.
  • ePrintable Calendars - If you're looking for free calendars to print, you can check this out. They offer weekly, monthly and yearly calendars. You can even add images and texts to customise your calendar.

Web Labs
Testing mode

  • Utterz - A podcasting/photo blogging/video blogging tool. You can call a number and leave a message and it will be posted as an audio post. You can also email text, photos and videos. If you send them close to each other, they'll be mashed together. Looks very promising, but I have a couple of issues about using this sort of service. #1 - I haven't been able to keep up with podcasting/vlogging very well, even though I badly want to; #2 - The number to be called is North American, so if you're not a local, you'll be calling at overseas rates; and #3 - Calling in isn't my favourite way of podcasting. I tend to want to edit. But then, it is possible to create an audio elsewhere and just upload it.
  • TubeMogul - So very happy to see this service. It's one that enables folks to upload videos to various online video services like YouTube, Revver, Metacafe, etc. Haven't tried it yet - but am looking forward to seeing how it works.
  • MarsEdit (Mac only) - As I mentioned here, I'm in the market for a better desktop client for blogging. Although I got quite used to Ecto, I'm not too impressed with it. But then, it's difficult for me to be impressed with offline blog editors. In any case, Kelly mentioned MarsEdit a couple of months ago during one of our b5 chats. And today, I decided to give it a go. I'm actually writing this entry using this editor. Dunno if I'll end up parting with my cash to keep it (like I did with Ecto).

Web Video Highlight
From the world of viral online videos...

And I thought I already love my Nikon too much... Heh.

What are your favourite web finds for the week?

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