8 Questions for 2008

365 Days - Day 10 - 10th January 2008 - FINDING LIGHT IN THE DARKBy this time, most of us would've been done with all these "welcome to 2008" stuff. But, my friend Connie tagged me some time ago, and I promised I'd do it. So, as the cliche goes... better late than never, huh?


1. Do you have plans to change careers? Why or Why not?

Will you believe me if I say that this is actually a very tricky question? But, to make things simpler, I'll say NO. No plans at all.

Simply because I'm happy doing what I'm doing.

2. What work related goal would you like to achieve this year?

Ah, dear me. Will these questions get any easier?

I have pages filled of goals for my work. So, I don't even know how to choose and to share a single goal. I'll do the boring thing and say: I wish to achieve my list of goals. Heh. :-p


3. If you were to attend a school reunion which would you attend: Grade School, High School, College/University? Why?

Confession: I'm not fond of school reunions. I prefer just meeting my old friends. I'd love to see my high school and college friends again one day. I've completely lost touch with my primary school friends, so I don't know if there'll be much friendship left in there.

4. Which local tourist destination do you plan to visit this year?

No real plans at this stage due to various circumstances. Maybe just short drives nearby.

Edited (13/01/08): Just remembered that early this year, I went on an overnight trip to Robe, SA. Gorgeous place. 🙂

5. Which foreign destination do you wish to visit this year?

Hmmm... depending on how things go with b5 plans, I might actually be visiting Texas (USA) - to attend SXSW and hold a team meet-up.


6. If you were to suggest a New Year’s Resolution to your local official, what would it be?

Tell the truth? Be real? Yeah, right.


7. If you were to learn one thing this year, what would it be?

I always love learning - and I make it a point to learn a few things within the year. But, since I'm currently obsessing about my DSLR, I'll just say: Improve my skills in photography.

8. What do you regret about 2007? How do you plan to make up for it this 2008?

Not doing enough work on my physical wellness (exercise, etc). I keep telling myself I'll finally sign up in a gym, schedule skin care, etc. But, I'm never that good with it. Every year, I try to do better by coming up with improvements in my approach. Hopefully, this year, I WILL get better with this.

OK... now who to tag?

Well, if you're a blogger who hasn't done any "welcome to 2008" post yet, then these questions might just be what you need to get going. So, I'm tagging you. 😉

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