16 Days of Me

16 Days of Me

So, I've completed the first 16 days out of the 365 days project that I started in the new year. Well, 17 days - including today.

And, wow. It has been quite an experience so far.

Even just by spending a few minutes or an hour or so a day, I've already learned a lot about photography. As well as being part of different types of communities. And more.

You see, I decided to join these 365 projects because:

1. I want to learn as much as I can about my DSLR (we're now together for over a month!).

2. I intend to improve my skills in photography.

3. I need to keep some of my creative muscles moving.

4. I hope to "live" my word-of-the-year: Today. In more ways than one.

5. I plan to be involved in different types of community. Not just to lead, but to be an active participant. I really believe that this will help me in my work and my overall view of life.

I believe I'm getting all that right now. Plus, a few other things that I didn't quite expect: Personal insights. Human behaviour. Internal vs External Self. Motivation. Discipline. Commitment. Telling Stories. Seeing Life and the World. Really seeing.

Some days are tougher than others, of course. But, that's all right. It's all part of the whole process. Even those days have something to teach.

Anyway, other than sharing a re-cap of my first few days in this project, I also want to take this time to celebrate a Flickr/photography milestone: One of my self-portraits made it to the front page of Flickr Explore. If you're in to Flickr, you'll probably understand my excitement. Didn't know about this until recently. But, apparently, it's considered 'high honour' to be "Explored" on Flickr. And, Day 16 managed to make it to #20 (on 16th Jan 08). I was really amazed.

Here's a screen cap of the pic that made it to the front page of Explore -

Flickr Explore #30 - 160108

Yay me. 😀

So, 16 down. 349 to go. (Or 350, if I intend to complete the 2008 challenge - 366, as this year is a leap year). Hmmm... Let's see if I make it!

Also see my Project 365 Stream (the different types of photos one, not just self-portraits).

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