Blog Star Awards : Batch 1

The time has finally come to unveil the first Blog Star Awardees. And, the first Stars go out to...

Blondie (of notsoblonde.com), Katie Chatfield (of Get Shouty), Terri (of territerri.com), Heather Goldsmith (of acreativejournal.com), and Ali Edwards (of aliedwards.typepad.com).

The first three awardees are based on nominations from readers and visitors. As I mentioned when I first wrote about Blog Star Awards, Blog Stars don't need to have a massive audience. Whether they have 1or 1,000,000 readers/viewers/subscribers, the most important thing is that they make a difference in their audience's life. These awardees obviously do!

The last two awardees are both hand-picked by me - one is to acknowledge a blogger's contribution in the blog communities that I'm a part of; and another one is to celebrate a blogger I admire and I feel who contribute a lot to the general blogging community (sometimes they are one and the same, but still... ;-)).

Anyway, here's more about the first batch of awardees...

BlondieBlondie , as nominated by Kari (of urbanwallflower.com).

1) How long have you been reading www.notsoblonde.com? And, how often do you visit?

'Blondie' recently switched domains, but I have been reading her blog for over three years now! I subscribe to the blog feed so I visit every time a new entry is posted ๐Ÿ™‚

2) How did you find out about this blog?

I came across it when I was living in Arizona. I was searching for other bloggers in the area as I didn't know many people there. I don't recall who's blog I was on, but someone linked to hers and I've been hooked ever since.

3) Can you describe this blog in 3 words?

Witty, Humorous, and Honest

4) What makes this blog/blogger a Blog Star?

'Blondie' has the gift of telling great stories. She can make the most mundane things sound completely fascinating, and you feel like you are right there with her while things are happening. She doesn't apologize for being a woman and feeling bitchy at times (like ALL women do!), and you can't help but love her! I think any woman who can wrap all of that in one package with a big pink bow is definitely a blog star!

Katie ChatfieldKatie Chatfield, as nominated by Gavin (of servantofchaos.com).

1) How long have you been reading Get Shouty? And, how often do you visit?

I have been reading Get Shouty for a little over a year. I subscribe to an RSS feed, so I visit whenever the site is updated.

2) How did you find out about this blog?
I met Katie through work and she eventually told me she had a blog. It took some more time to tell me the URL.

3) Can you describe this blog in 3 words?
Strident. Opinionated. Generous.

4) What makes this blog/blogger a Blog Star?

A nice combination of insight, generosity of spirit and activism

TerriTerri, as nominated by Sandy (of Writing in Faith)

1) How long have you been reading whttp://www.territerri.com? And, how often do you visit?
I've been reading Terri's blog for most of this year. I visit a couple of times a week.

2) How did you find out about this blog?
I found out about this blog through my stats. Her address was there, so I backtracked to her site.

3) Can you describe this blog in 3 words?
Honest, spirited, fun.

4) What makes this blog/blogger a Blog Star?
Terri is honest, spirited, and fun! She talks about her own life, she laughs at herself, and her heart is clearly in the right place.

And, now, for my own picks...
Heather GoldsmithHeather Goldsmith is a blogger and friend who I don't celebrate often enough in this blog. Heather and I have known each other online for about a decade now. We corresponded when I first went online in Manila - back when I was still single and unattached. Then, when I moved to Singapore after I got married. And, we continue to be friends now that we both call Australia home and have had kids. It took us about 4 or 5 years to meet in person, when I finally found myself in Perth, Western Australia about 2 or 3 years ago. She and I have been reading and commenting on each other's blogs/journals, long before they were called 'web logs'. So, it's no surprise that she is the Top Commenter on this blog. She has joined several of my projects from the moment I went in to online publishing. She has always been there for me and for all my endeavours. This Star is not enough to say THANK YOU for all that she has done for me - and with me - over the years. So yes, I certainly say she's a massive Blog Star in my book.

Ali EdwardsAli Edwards - It's no secret that I really admire Ali. She's artistic, creative, talented, genuine... And, I love how she can easily mix her personal life, professional life, and family life in her blog seamlessly. She can blog about personal development, art, crafts, autism, family... and make it all work together. And, I LOVE how she has this amazing community of people who support her work online. Every time she recommends a product (be it a book, a website, a service, a scrapbooking kit, or a gadget), folks just scramble to go get 'em. It's amazing. She may not be in to the "blogging scene"... but, she's definitely a Blog Star!

You're welcome to copy and download the stars to your own servers and post them in your own blogs. It's not a requirement, but if you'd like to link to this, that'll be appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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