Web Wednesday #5: Bic Runga & Me + More Twitter Goodness

Web WednesdayAs some of you might know, I started participating in the 365 Days challenge over at Flickr in the beginning of 2008. So, from taking hardly any self-portraits for more than 3 decades, my self-portrait collection has grown a lot in the last 30 days.

Anyway, when I posted this self-portrait outtake -

30th Jan 08 Self Portrait Series - Colour Someone commented that it reminded her of a "prettier Bic Runga." Didn't know whether that was a good thing, since I've never heard of the name before. Didn't even know if I was going to find a man or a woman, seeing as the only Bic I know was the brand name of a pen. Heh. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Curious, I Googled the name. Found out that Bic Runga is actually a singer from New Zealand - part Maori and part Chinese. Born 1976.

And, I ended up finding this YouTube video of Bic Runga, singing a song titled 'Sway':

Well, now... The video's really cheesy.

But, getting past all that... I'm in love. Seriously. Not because someone thought I look like her*, but because the song 'Sway' is just my kind of music. Love it. Really. Also found her other song, 'Drive' - and it sounded vaguely familiar. Really like it too. So, I'm definitely going to be watching out for Bic Runga from hereon.

Amazing how we end up finding stuff on the web, huh?

Anyway... the last week has been quite a challenging time for me, tech-wise. I've been having Macbook + WiFi issues, plus this site has been (still being!) revamped. Yep, finally managed to leave Expression Engine to move back to WordPress.

Unfortunately, it meant that I didn't get to spend as much time online as per usual. But, I still have some web finds for you folks who're in to (or getting in to) Twitter.

Oh, and Hsien just posted this via Twitter - A "Form" Apology Letter. Really funny.

*BTW, while I feel really flattered to be compared with Bic, I don't really agree that we look alike. And, you'll especially agree if you hear and watch me sing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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