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365 Days - Day 34 - 3rd Feb : NOTHING GOOD ON TV

My TV-watching habits fluctuate a lot. Some seasons, I'm glued to the telly in a big way. Some seasons, I can barely keep up with the news. Lately, I find myself just on a 'catching up' mode.

Anyway, what about you? Do you love watching TV? What kind of shows do you like? What will you recommend?

Long Time Faves:
Shows I've been watching from season to season...

  • BBC (British Broadcasting) and ABC (Australian Broadcasting) Specials - There are so many that it's difficult to catch up. But yeah, I love documentaries and such that the BBC and ABC come up with.
  • Australian Idol - Currently on a break; but yeah, been watching every season from the first one. Heh.
  • Law & Order - I've watched so many, but haven't really been keeping track on the seasons because they show them so much.

All Time Faves:
Shows I can watch even on re-runs...

  • Friends - I can't get tired of them.
  • Oprah - I like some episodes, and can't stand some others. But, I like O herself.
  • The Simpson's - I used to watch a lot, but haven't done so lately.
  • Parkinson - My absolute favourite entertainment talk show.

Shows That I'm Trying To Catch Up On:

  • America's Next Top Model - Watched some episodes in a handful of seasons.
  • Gilmore Girls - Managed to watch the last few seasons, but am still catching up. Haven't watched the season finale yet, though.

Wish I Can Catch Up On:

  • Grey's Anatomy - Was a latecomer and I've only managed to watch 4-5 episodes.
  • Ugly Betty - Only watched 3 or 4 episodes.
  • Heroes - Never watched a single episode, but I'm interested to see.
  • House - Watched a few episodes/seasons, but haven't really been caught up yet.

Right now, one show that I find myself hooked is Gossip Girl. Guess it just reminds me a bit of the days when I used to follow shows like Felicity. Heh.

Other shows I like in one way or the other (that're still running and/or being re-run here in Oz): Little Britain, The Office (UK version), Spicks and Specks, Chasers War on Everything, CSI (Las Vegas), Cheers, Frasier, Home & Away, American Idol, Better Homes & Gardens, Getaway, Lonely Planet

I also try to watch shows on The Lifestyle Channel (Fox cable TV) like Relocation, Relocation or Location, Location, Location... But, I'm a bit all DIY-ed out. Also like the BBC specials that they run. That's why I also enjoy The UK Channel. I wish I can have the How To channel, though.

Also a regular: News either on local channels or on the BBC, Sky, or CNN.

By the way, if you don't know yet, b5media has an Entertainment portral: Spekked. It's a great place to check out for news and other tidbits on favourite TV shows.

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