Top 9 Ways to Use Twitter + Poll: Do You Twitter?

To Twitter or Not to Twitter?Over the last couple of months, Twitter has become more and more a part of my daily web routine. I don't update every hour or anything like that. But, I probably have been sending Twitter updates at least 2-3x a day (+ direct replies to some conversations); sometimes, less on weekends.

Currently, these are my Top 9 Ways to Use Twitter:

1) Promote some of my content. I don't inundate it with promos, but I do share... and I think it has helped bring folks to my blog, photos, etc. Here at ShaiCoggins.com alone, I've seen an increase in Twitter referrals over the last month, since I started using Twitterfeed and sharing some links.

2) Stay connected with some folks whom I wish to learn more about, but have no time to follow their blogs closely. There are many blogs that I just have no time to read and to monitor. But, I'm still interested to learn more about the bloggers. So, I follow them on Twitter. Chances are, they also tend to post stuff that have more meaning to them. Since their Twits are 140 characters or less, they're easy to digest too. Not a lot of room for rambling, so folks get to the point. If I want to read more, I go to their blogs.

3) Communicate with bloggers and folks in general. There are people who won't leave comments on my blogs but are happy to send Twitter responses. And, as I've said in Point #2, I don't always visit blogs of all bloggers I wish to follow... so, Twitter is one good way to send them quick messages too.

4) For polling and instant feedback. I love that I can ask a question or seek ideas in one minute... Then, I get responses from all over the place soon after.

5) To think out loud. I post URLs that I find interesting... Share ideas that I come across... Again, without all the rambling.

6) As an ongoing "Note to Self" recorder. Sometimes, a concept comes to mind, a quote, a reminder, or an affirmation. If I feel like sharing these notes and thoughts, I Twit them. I figured if I ever need that note again, I can just revisit my Twitter archive.

7) To meet new folks and to network. Since folks conduct public conversations via Twitter using the @username function, I sometimes end up following those names if I'm interested in what folks are talking about. If I like 'em based on their Twits, I follow them. Sometimes, they follow back. I also end up receiving public responses. And, I definitely visit the pages of folks who add or follow me on Twitter. If they seem nice and not 'spammy', I tend to follow them too, even if I don't really know them that well. I eventually develop friendships or networks based on these "Follows".

8 ) To show a more personal side of me. On Twitter, I'm cool with talking about where I'm going or where I've just been... Who I just talked to... What I just did (or still doing)... I say when I'm feeling bad or tired or moody. I share jokes. Yes, I let my guard down a bit more. It's easier, I guess, when I say such things and don't have to explain for more than 140 characters.

9) For staying connected, when I'm disconnected. When I don't have Internet access and all, often, I can still Twitter because of SMS/Text messaging and all that. I can even set my mobile phone to receive and to respond to Twits, if I want to. This is especially useful when I'm travelling or out and about in meetings, errands, etc.

So yeah, after loving Twitter... then, not loving it... then, coming back and feeling unsure... to using it again... Then, feeling blocked - and then getting back to it... Well, now, I'm back to loving it.

What about you? What do you think of Twitter? If you don't Twitter, why not? If you do, what do you use it for and how do you like it?

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