Go, Go, Go Gorillapod!

GorillapodUsing a tripod definitely makes a difference in one's photography. And, over the last couple of months, I've been lusting after different types of tripods. Since I already have a basic one, I didn't really want to look in to getting a really expensive one just yet. But, I wanted to have a more flexible, more portable tripod that I can easily set-up and use. So, I started hunting for one.

Anyway, about a month ago, I mentioned here that I wanted to have my very own Gorillapod. Well... it didn't take long for me to hold out on that one. You see, my Gorillapod arrived a few days ago. And, I've been happily testing it out.

Some of the things that I love about having a Gorillapod:

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  • It's so light and portable! I love that I can just put it in my camera bag - or even handbag.
  • It's so flexible. I can put the tripod on a tree branch, a fence, a chair... Yes, on just about anything and anywhere you can wrap its flexible legs around.
  • It's great to have a tripod either on a very low level (great when you're doing macro photography) or very high (esp. for a different perspective).
  • It's a relatively inexpensive tripod. You can find one for approximately $60 or less.
  • It works with standard mounts. And, you can even attach a ball head, if you wish.
  • It can be used with my point-and-shoot camera, my digital SLR, or my video camera*.
  • Taking horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) shots can be done. Having different angles are possible too!

If you love Gorillapods, you might also want to check out Gorillapod Love, a Flickr group. All members of the group have been offered a 15% discount on all Gorillapod products from Joby (the original manufacturer of Gorillapods) until the end of 2008.

* This is if you buy the bigger, more stable Gorillapod. There are smaller ones that can just carry point-and-shoots and small dSLRs. If you want to know which Gorillapod is the right one for you, check out Joby's Gorillapod online tool.

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